Man Attacked For His iPad in Saanich


Here’s a surprising story from my neck of the woods that shows just how attached some of us are to our Apple devices. In Saanich, BC, on Vancouver Island, a man was attacked for his iPad as he exited a bus. I live in Saanich as well–not too far from where this happened.

Saanich News reports a young Japanese man living in Canada on a work permit was attacked as he got off a bus. During the attack the attacker kept asking for the victim’s iPad. The victim had a conversation with the attacker moments earlier on the bus. The attacker then followed the victim off the bus and proceeded to assault the victim, demanding the victim to hand over the iPad.

Sgt Dean Jantzen of the Saanich Police had this to say, “He was attacked from behind, with no warning whatsoever, thrown on the ground, and kicked and punched.”. Victoria is generally a pretty quiet place so this type of incident is quite disturbing to the community.

In this case, the bully did not win. The victim was able to fend off the attacker and run across the street. Before the victim could get to help the attacker pursued him and continued the assault. The victim eventually made it to a Safeway where he was able to call the police. No items were stolen in the assault. The victim defended his iPad, with honor!

The suspect is described as a white man with long blond hair and a blond beard that comes to a point roughly two inches below his chin. He was wearing a dark hoodie, long pants and possibly had on grey Nike shoes. It is believed he is a smoker.

If you happen to have information regarding this incident, you are urged to called the Saanich Police at 250-475-4321.


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  • It’s like a thief stealing $600 from your wallet. Not something you really just give away unless you think your life is at risk. 

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    I laughed when I read this. what kind of description is that?
    “He possibly had Grey Nikes” and “believed to be a smoker”???
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    Is your post a joke or are you a smoker who feels offended?

    A heavy smoker may have yellow tar stains on their fingers. He may have stains on his teeth.

    Here is a real clue for you, smokers smell like cigarettes. A non-smoker like me can smell a smoker from a few feet away.