MBNA Canada Launches Apple Pay Support


MBNA Canada has launched Apple Pay today for their MasterCard users, after long teasing support would arrive in June.

If you try adding your MBNA MasterCard to your iPhone, it will ask for verification by phone (in our case). After an automated verification process, we finally made it to a human agent, where we were asked to confirm the last four digits of our card, name, telephone, address and credit limit.

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Looks like there was a big party at TD for launching Apple Pay on MBNA:

Update: Some have noted MBNA Visa cards don’t work for this yet. Also, adding our MBNA MasterCards to Apple Watch has resulted in another round of ‘Verify’ yet again, which requires you to speak with a human. #SMH

Let us know how your MBNA MasterCard (or Visa) works for you with Apple Pay!

Thanks Étienne!

…more to follow


  • lucrichard

    Didnt work for me and my MBNA smart cash mastercard

  • Scott Blyth

    No go on an mbna Costco card

  • Grrr TD still won’t support their MasterCard branded CC. I’m at the point I think I will cancel and get the visa ones

  • DoubleM

    I got to the part where I accepted the MBNA ToS however it gave me an error after tapping next. Told me to try again later.

  • Dominic

    Come on Tangerine Debit Cards…

  • Jackcmc

    I have just set up mine. Smart Cash. The verification was exhausting though.

  • They may be getting hammered as today is the first day.

  • Yes, the phone verification has a lot of steps just to get to a human.

  • Mike

    I got to a page where it asks me to call to verify. Can’t do that now but I will try later. Very exciting about it, its long overdue

  • bbousquet

    MBNA Costco? I thought Capital One had the Costco MC.

  • bbousquet

    Keep on dreaming. Sometimes I wonder if it’s part of Scotia’s plan for Tangerine (very, very slowly crippling it).

  • Josh Clark

    Got it up and working!

  • nice!

  • Watson Crick

    And the wait to get to a human…sheesh! None of the other cards I activated had that requirement.

  • mrideas

    Finallllllyyy. Last card that I use all the time setup! MBNA World Elite Rewards card. Very simple but the hold time was just over 7 minutes to get a human. Minimal questions too. I’m sure MBNA/TD is going to regret going with a phone in verification rather than using an app…which is still the one thing they are missing…even Capital One has an app. It’s not very good BUT they have one!

  • Scott Blyth

    You are correct good sir/madam. Putting on my dunce cap now and spending a few minutes in the corner.

  • Yes, it’s going to take a lot of resources dedicated to Apple Pay verifications. Even adding the cards to Apple Watch are asking for re-verification o_0 (on hold still).

  • mrideas

    Yes I got the notice to add to Apple Watch just didn’t want to wait another 7-10 minutes again. In hindsight I should have done both and THEN called lol.

  • Watson Crick

    And I have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN to activate it on my Apple Watch.

  • mrideas

    What would have been even better would be the ability to use the TD app for access to your MBNA card and for verification! However that would seem to be common sense…and well ya 😉

  • Haha…yes…that would make too much sense lol

  • Ben

    YES! Thanks for letting me know. (Actually found out via Macrumors who linked your article ????)
    Got it up and running. Finally one of my credit cards has Apple Pay and I can use it. Super excited to go buy something!
    A bit annoying to have to call in though. When TD got it I was able to authenticate using the app, but I guess since MBNA has no app this is the only way

  • GrannySmithBites

    I’m very proud of myself. Remembered to get the verification for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch on the same phonecall. My agent asked a million questions…sigh

  • Cheers 🙂

  • Smart! Yes their security checks are very thorough.

  • MathieuM

    Hi everyone,

    How long did it take between the customer service agent saying that the card was verified to the actual time Apple Pay showed as verified on your iPhone? Hung up a little while ago but my Wallet is still showing the card as requiring verification. (Have an MBNA Rewards World Elite).

    Separate question: is it possible I missed the announcement, or is there still no Apple Pay support for the CapitalOne Costco MasterCard? And I’ve pretty much given up hope for the Chase Amazon VISA at this point… Although today marks the first time one of my credit cards has support, so I should probably just be happy about that!

    Thank you!

  • DigitalMann

    Capital One canada does not support Apple Pay. Capital One in the United States has Apple Pay support but not in Canada…Pity!

  • Daniel

    Rogers Bank MasterCard says they are still assessing the possibility of adding Apple Pay! When the rep told me that I burst out laughing and told her, “You’re Rogers stores sell iOS devices using Apple Pay as a feature, but when we get a credit card from a sister division/company, you don’t have it? You also need to check you forums, you have a lot of angry customers over not having Apply Pay. I suggest you stop assessing and start implementing!”

  • bbousquet

    Capital One is just trying to be the last one to the party.

    As for the Chase Amazon Visa, don’t hold your breath: it’s no longer being offered and Chase Canada seems to have sold much of their cc portfolio to Scotia (minus the Marriott and Amazon cards). Since they don’t even provide electronic statements I don’t expect anything from them (it’s still my go to card when travelling or buying stuff in a foreign currency online).

  • Spiridus

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. I want to completely switch from RBC to Tangerine but I will not take the plunge until Apple Pay is supported. I pay with my watch every chance I get. Tangerine has been promising Apple Pay support is coming soon…but I really think they have a different definition of “soon”.

  • David Dawson

    Just tried my MBNA Visa and it worked perfectly. Didn’t need to call MBNA or anything…it just set up with no (human) verification required. Took about a minute. Nice!

  • Sweet!

  • lucrichard

    Same issue for me. Guess I’ll keep trying throughout the day

  • Cornfed710

    Your the best trying now ????

  • Cornfed710

    It happened instantly, I saw the screen change as she clicked the button. On hold less than 2 min. I’d call back if I were you.

  • Cornfed710

    All done, thank you so much for the update ?????????????????????????????????????Pay????

  • Cornfed710

    Same card here, so excited ????

  • Nice!!

  • MathieuM

    Hi Cornfed710,

    Thank you for the feedback, mine ended up being verified about 30 minutes after the end of my call without needing to call back. Guess I just needed a bit more patience!

  • MathieuM

    Hi bbousquet,

    Thank you for the info, I didn’t know that the Chase Amazon VISA wasn’t being offered anymore! Hope they don’t make any changes to the card, it’s also my go-to for traveling outside the country to save the 2.5% foreign currency fee.

    Now just hoping that CapitalOne gets their act together in Canada and implements ApplePay for their Costco MasterCard!

  • McHuman

    What is a human?

  • Kirk

    Ohhh last credit card to add to my Apple Pay collection. It’s had a zero balance for a year lol

  • lucrichard

    Still not working for me arg

  • Chrome262

    is this TD? Still wish PC would add their debit, like CIBC did

  • lucrichard

    Still not working for my with my Smart Cash mastercard