Microsoft Unveils Windows In The Car, Their Answer To Apple’s Car Play



During Microsoft’s Build developers conference this past week, the company showed off their plan to bring Windows Phone into the car with a new software concept.

Much like Apple’s Car Play, the idea is to project your phone’s data onto the touchscreen located on your dashboard. The concept design shows off a metro-style user interface with big touch points that allow drivers to interact with the display in a safe and usable format.

Here is the full Internet of Things keynote that shows Microsoft’s Steve Teixeiria talking about the company’s future. The part of the video about their connected car platform starts around the 25-minute mark.

The demo shows how a driver would interact with music, maps, calls, messages, and more. The in-car interface will allow users to download apps through the Windows Marketplace. Currently, the mobile device is connected to the car using MirrorLink technology, but we could see this change before launch.

The company is currently testing its concept system in real cars, but there is no time frame as to when the feature will launch to the public. It is expected that Microsoft will partner with car manufacturers like Ford, BMW, Kia, and more to bring their in-car interface to the market.

Microsoft is clearly trying to compete with Apple’s Car Play solution which Apple announced last year at WWDC and released earlier this year at the Geneva Auto Show.

The new service from Apple allows iPhone users to control various aspects of their phone, including calls, messages, and maps, directly from the car’s in-dash display or using Siri-based voice inputs. The new in-car interface will launch this week with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo with other car manufacturers gaining support in the coming weeks and months.

[via The Verge]


  • Kirk

    What happen to innovation? I guess that doesn’t exist anymore between ALL these smart phone companies..everyone is waiting for each other to release ideas so that they could blatantly copy it.. APPLE no, this isn’t a fanboy comment.
    One thing I will say however is that APPLE seems to be copied the most by EVERYONE tho…

  • Jerome

    so what would u rather have/do? Enlighten me Jose.

  • Kirk

    I might be contradicting myself when I say this: There’s nothing wrong with taking people’s ideas and building on it every once in a while because it forces businesses to improve their products ultimately enriching the consumers life’s… BUT new ideas also need to be thrown into the mix as well by Microsoft so they don’t seem like an apple clone. Just my two cents really…

  • WatDah

    While what you said is true, please understand one thing: True innovative ideas/products doesn’t come around as often as you’re implying. Not that it doesn’t exist anymore, just that most companies would rather make a profit by following what’s working. Only companies with enough money can throw out half-assed products and see what catches on, while less profitable companies will have to keep following, as they do not have enough resources or the finance to take a gamble on a product they “think” will make a difference. Think about what happened ever since the original iPhone and iPad. Everyone started doing the same thing, and not one truly innovative product since. Most were basically improved versions: faster, lighter, more powerful, but not much different with how it functions. Then think about what happened before the iPhone and iPad. It was the iPod that was being copied for a long time. (And before anyone calls me a fanboy, it just so happens that Apple was the company that did it, which nobody can deny.)

    I think the word “innovation” is being thrown around too much nowadays. Take a seat, relax, and let the great minds go to work. Someone will come up with something. But before that happens, you’re only gonna be disappointing yourself.

  • Kirk

    I like what you have to say.. You are right on all counts.. It’s a good thing we have projects like kick starters around so the people who come up with “crazy new ideas” can spread the fruits of their labour and see if people will bite. It’s tough out there now adays.. And in this tech world we don’t have people willing to throw away cash and with good reason. I am comfortable with what I currently have however. Wonder when we will see the next Steve Jobs?? 😛

  • Steve

    People like Steve Jobs, Tomas Edison, etc. usually appear once in a lifetime. Perhaps your kids or grand kids will see the next iteration.

  • Ari

    Those fonts are way too small and not bold enough for a car interface. It is also too windowish.

  • sdfsfs

    Steve, there are actually many major innovators; probably at least 20-30 leaders who are really making massive changes in the world. If you want to bring it down to 1 Silicon Valley mogul per generation though, I’d say it started with Bob Noyce, then moved to Jobs, then to Zuckerburg, now it’s Musk (and will likely be Musk until he’s dead, because he is awesome). Of course, this is a very naive. Just because Larry Page isn’t in the news everyday, doesn’t mean he isn’t as important as the others mentioned above. The fact is there are many many brilliant people all over the world that push technology forward.

  • Chrome262

    So no one said the obvious. What happens when you are cruising along and you get the Blue Screen of Death. Do you pull over and restart your car. And then only get to drive straight when the car is in safe mode. Or if you hit the blinker, horn, and break at the same time do you get the task manager?