Millions of PC Optimum Rewards Points were Stolen, Used in Another Province [u]


The rollout of Loblaws’ new PC Optimum points program has been very bumpy, and it’s not getting any better for the company.

Optimum members have reported that their accounts were hacked and their points were stolen. Lenore Biever lost more than one million rewards points after someone hacked her account and went on a shopping spree. In a statement, she said that the hacker figured out a way to link their cellphone with her account. She said:

“I was shocked. I’m still in shock, like how did [the thief] figure it out?”

CBC News interviewed a total of 8 people who all said they each have had over 100,000 point stolen. In these cases, all the points were redeemed at a Loblaws-owned store in Quebec. Almost everyone that contacted CBC about the issue has now been issued all their points back.

Loblaws’ PC Optimum points first launched to customers on February 1st and has been facing criticism ever since.


  • Ken Angie

    Typo. This sentence:

    Loblaws’ PC Optimum points first alunched to customers on February 1st and has been facing criticism every since.

    Should be:

    Loblaws’ PC Optimum points first LAUNCHED to customers on February 1st and has been facing criticism EVER since.

  • KBlazer07

    I inquired at the mobile shop whether or not you can use the points to purchase a phone outright and was told yes. I believe that you are limited to $500 maximum though. iPhone X is still not worth it, even at $500 off.

  • jabohn

    I agree the new PC Optimum has been bumpy. It’s not as good as before. The app is slower to launch. Bonus items are a lot less than before. I only seem to get the same 10-15 repeating items in my list and items that I used to get on a regular basis haven’t shown up. It used to change based on your shopping habits.

    2 weeks ago I bought an item based on the bonus points for it but they didn’t give me the points. I used the “missing point inquiry” button and got no reply. I contacted customer support and they asked me for the details, which I gave them. That was a week ago – still no points. In the old system, a missing point inquiry was cleared up within a couple of days.

  • KBlazer07

    Odd, my wife usually gets missing points issues fixed within an hour. I’ve been impressed by their customer service.

  • Gerry Lee

    I just believe PC optimum needs to change it’s tactics on how points are earned. Not like at Shoppers you get points with any purchase, Loblaws, No Frills, only way to accumulate points is to buy that particular item. In my opinion, they should just roll out a system where points are earned on ‘every’ purchase, not just on those particular items.

  • jabohn

    I filed a third (separate) custom service request, again they asked for the missing points details (which I had given twice already) and this time they actually replied in a reasonable amount of time and adjusted my points correctly. I don’t know why there was no reply on my first attempt when I directly used their “Missing Points” button, nor why my second attempt using the customer service contact went unanswered.