Moneris to Merchants: Your Terminal is Ready to Accept Apple Pay


Moneris, the payment processor joint venture between RBC and BMO, wants its merchants to know their current point-of-sale terminals are ready for contactless mobile payments such as Apple Pay.

A new post by the company offers tips and suggestions for small and medium-sized businesses on how to prepare for what many believe is the inevitable arrival of Apple Pay, rumoured for launch as early as November, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company explains approximately 85 per cent of Moneris terminals in use in Canada are ready to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments. When asked about the exact number of active terminals in Canada, Moneris explained via email the majority of their 350,000 merchant locations were Canadian. The company holds roughly one-third market share in Canada, we’re told.

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Moneris suggests businesses should check out their existing payment terminal technology, train retail staff, call their payment provider, acquire Apple Pay in-store signage (only possible once Canada is supported) and also promote Apple Pay through their communication channels.

The company explained in an email to iPhone in Canada “there is definitely customer interest” for Apple Pay and noted “we’re talking to our large and small accounts about the technology and what it could mean for their business.”

Once Apple Pay launches in Canada, Moneris says “we can simply turn on contactless and make it possible for merchants to accept Apple Pay,” along with other similar services such as Google Wallet and Samsung Pay in the future.

Apple Pay launched outside the U.S. for the first time last month, when the mobile payment debuted in the United Kingdom. Canada is more than ready for Apple Pay and it’s only a matter of time the service will debut here (that is if our big banks allow it).


  • djepsilon

    Let’ go already big 6! They’re really dragging their heels with Apple Pay. I’m actually not convinced we will see it in November personally. Really hope I’m wrong though!

  • The November timeframe in the WSJ really set expectations. Let’s just hope we get it this year or early 2016.

  • runner

    The November launch was reported by the Wall Street Journal. They usually are pretty reliable.

  • I truly believe we will hear from ApplePay in the September event… If I am not wrong, I think Tim Cooks did talk or answer about Apple Pay expansion before then end of 2015.
    Got release in UK in July and I’m sure other country in the fall… but will Canada be in it ? Fingers crossed 🙂

  • eoabychoice

    I think that if the Big 6 keep whining about ApplePay then Apple should become a bank here in Canada (Rogers has after all). Cut the greedy bastards right out of they equation. After Apple has established itself as a bank we can then push for them to become a cellular service provider…..Banks and Cell phone companies are after all the most hated entities in Canada

  • Tom A

    Its completely dumb that Apple pay isn’t here already. The infrastructure is in place to accept it at most stores unlike in the US

  • mxmgodin

    The article dates back to April though, and not word since. No matter how reliable they are, the lack of news and rumours since is not a good sign, in my opinion.

    Though the news today that Desjardins’ mobile payment solution is going to be Apple Pay-ready could be a nice indication that the launch is near! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • mxmgodin

    The September event came and passed without a single mention of it… 🙁
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Re/Code next month where the head of Apple Pay will be presenting!

  • I don’t think Apple will announce anything at Re/code’s conference…if anything, it may be a press release announcement with China, or if there’s some sort of surprise October event for a Mac refresh.