Mophie Announces New Battery Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus [CES 2015]



Today at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Mophie has announced a new iteration of their popular battery case for Apple’s latest smartphones.

The company has unveiled the Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 6 and the Juice Pack for the iPhone 6 Plus. The new battery cases are thinner and provide advanced protection in all versions.

“Featuring a thinner, lightweight yet durable frame, the full lineup delivers edge-to-edge protection. The juice pack air® for iPhone® 6 and juice pack® for iPhone® 6 Plus boast high-impact protection, which includes rubberized support points inside the case to guard your phone from everyday drops and falls. The juice pack plus® for iPhone® 6 is designed with mophie’s proprietary Impact Isolation System—an increased level of protection—which features shock-absorbing bumpers that provide protection against the most brutal impacts.”

The case for the iPhone 6 Plus provides more than 60 percent extra battery life using the Juice Pack. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 receives 100 percent extra battery life with the Juice Pack Air or 120 percent extra battery life with the Juice Pack Plus.


Mophie says that the new battery cases provide up to an extra 17 hours of talk time, 12 hours of web browsing, 13 hours of video, and up to 60 hours of offline music playback.

The Mophie Juice Pack line for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available for pre-order from the company’s website with prices starting at $99.95.


  • Flash

    Do they have an iPad air line? Battery time is fine, but I don’t use a case and probably should – adding one with a extended battery would be best, one that could charge and iPhone if needed.

  • Nick

    Nope, I do not believe they make a line for the iPad Air.

  • Tim

    Battery life really isn’t a problem on my 6. If it gets through the day, that works for me. I also just ordered a couple $3 docks off of ebay that you can use with your existing lightning cables; one for home and the office. Keeps me charged all the time.

    IMO the Apple leather case, while way overpriced, is great. It gives the phone a good dry grip and has a nice feel. It also looks a little more badass as it gets worn. Plastic or rubber cases have a tendency to get greasy.

    The iphone 6, caseless, is actually too thin and slippery in my opinion. The nice part of this is that when you add a case, the size becomes perfect, rather than previous iphones that I really would have liked to use without a case, but compromised with added bulk for investment protection.

  • David K

    that would be really expensive lol