Movie Filmed on iPhone a Finalist for 2014 SXSW Film Design Award


Movie iphone

You may not win an Oscar with a movie shot entirely with an iPhone, but the possibility of getting an SXSW award is high, as the case of shortlisted “Uneasy Lies The Mind,” a tense psychological thriller, shows (via ComputerWorld).

Besides its story — a tale of a man who lies dying after he was robbed — the movie is interesting because it was shot entirely with iPhones using a lens adaptor and an app called FiLMiC Pro 2.

The director, Ricky Fosheim, shares his story about why he chose the iPhone and not the Red Epic or Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

“We weren’t shooting with the iPhone to be cool. We shot on the iPhone because the look it created fit perfectly with the story we were trying to tell.”

“Uneasy Lies The Mind” isn’t the only movie shot on the iPhone. While Apple’s clip created for the Mac’s 30th anniversary shows that handset’s capabilities, there is an iPhone Film Festival as well for movies shot entirely using iPhones.

Also, it is worth noting that “Searching for Sugar Man,” a movie nominated for Best Documentary in 2013, might have never been completed without the iPhone.


  • Tim

    The iPhone’s “look” may have suited this particular piece for specific reasons, but we shouldn’t pretend it’s look is something to be coveted. 95% of the time I think it’s stupid to attach lenses, tripods, etc. to this thing. It’s a great little personal shooter, but way better equipment can be had by almost anyone now. If you don’t have the budget to rent or buy some higher end gear then you’re probably not spending any money anywhere else either. While this film purports to not shoot on an iphone for the shear sake of novelty, most iphone shot films are, thus you have a piece that’s not actually centered around actually presenting a good film, but extending the technical prowess of a device that not very good at, or intended to make professional movies.

    He says it provided the “look” they needed. Did he compare that “look” to a Red Camera or even a nice DSLR?

  • Agreed. I don’t understand why anyone would want to shoot a movie on an iPhone. It’s amazing that you can, but there are better choices.

    Ironically, one movie that I think would have been perfect to be shot on an iPhone, and I think even looks like it suffers because they didn’t, is a movie I recently saw a trailer for. Unfortunately, I forget the name of the movie, but it’s a new film that follows a romantic long-distance relationship with video messages from one person to the other. Based on the trailer, it seemed like the whole movie was made up of just footage of their video messages, but the annoying thing was it appeared that the video messages were all shot with professional cameras, or at least something using very nice lenses. It really made it feel less authentic to me. It saddened me that for once, someone had a really great reason to shoot a movie entirely with an iPhone and they didn’t do it.

  • Peggy Davis

    The director owns a RED. The movie looks exactly as he wanted it to. The big bonus to shooting with this camera is that the lighting was very quick and minimal. The coverage was vast and varied. The iPhone worked perfectly for this film . At the end of the day, if you’re telling your story, who cares how you shot it?