NDP Confirms Uber Won’t Launch in BC in 2017, Despite Election Promise


During BC’s provincial election, the NDP promised they would implement ride-sharing in province by the end of 2017, but now they have officially confirmed it won’t happen, until an expert review is conducted. Transport Minister Claire Trevena made the announcement this afternoon, reports News1130:

Claire Trevena says there’ll be no ride-hailing in the province until the expert review is completed. She says Dan Hara, who has over two decades of experience, will consult with and prepare the taxi industry for the introduction of services such as Uber and Lyft. The review isn’t due until early 2018.

Trevena said “We’ve got six pieces of legislation that we have to potentially modernize, one going back to 1924. Things were very different in 1924 than they are in 2017. So I think that it’s a very reasonable approach to look at what we’ve got now before we rush into the next step.”

She says if companies like Uber want to get up and running in the province, they can do so legally by following the same rules as taxi companies, noting “there is a system in place already if they chose to use that system and operate here.”

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver called the announcement disappointing, saying “I am very disappointed that the government will not keep its promise to bring ridesharing to British Columbians by the end of this year.”

Weaver says on Thursday he will attempt for the third time to introduce ride-sharing legislation, and hopes “both parties will take this opportunity to engage in a substantive debate on the details of this issue so that we can move past rhetoric and vague statements and finally get to work delivering for British Columbians.”

In early October, the NDP hinted ride-sharing would not launch on time in the province as promised, but today it is official.

Are you looking forward to the day Uber starts operating in BC?


  • They should follow the same rules as the taxi industry. What’s the problem?

  • SV650

    What Uber provides is not ride sharing, it is taxi. ride-share dot org offers ride sharing in numerous BC communities, and is the real McCoy.

  • Joe

    This time last year people would be looking forward to it, but nowadays public opinion has turned against Uber, and rightfully so. They’re a pretty horrible company and many other cities are cutting ties with them. Lyft seems somewhat better although that has yet to be proven.

    If we’re going to replace taxis with an app, I think it should be a Canadian company at least. What are those folks at Blackberry up to? 😛

  • wahgee88

    I agree that Uber needs to play by the same rules. I’m OK with a proper consultative process with the taxi drivers. If Uber is allowed, then each Uber driver should get a different class driver’s license. A Class 5 won’t cut it.

  • sully54

    It’s unfortunate that Uber is the face of ridesharing but the idea behind it is a good one. Remove uber’s own shortcomings as a company, reluctance by many jurisdictions to adopt ridesharing is due wholly on the monopoly taxi drivers hold over private transportation. This has to end.

  • Jason Chu

    Well that certainly sucks.