Netflix Announces Two Year Deal with CBS for Content–Excludes Canada


Today Netflix announced a two year content deal with CBS for library content:

Content covered under the new deal includes the long-running drama, “Medium” and the summer season favorite, “Flashpoint.” Also covered under the agreement are episodes from some of television’s most iconic franchises. Full seasons of sitcom greats “Frasier,” “Family Ties” and “Cheers” will be streaming instantly from Netflix. Episodes from the original “Hawaii Five-0” are included in the package, as are episodes from all generations of the definitive sci-fi series, “Star Trek,” and the cult favorite, “Twin Peaks.” Installments of ’60s classics, “The Twilight Zone” and “The Andy Griffith Show,” will be available as well.

Unfortunately Canada is Left Out of this Deal

I contacted Netflix and inquired if this deal would be applicable to Netflix Canada. Here is the response from their vice president of communications:

We have separate license deals for streaming in Canada so the new CBS deal does not apply to Canada.

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. The Netflix Canada library has been growing, but pales in comparison to the choice our US neighbours have. What will it take to grow Netflix in Canada? More subscribers? The company dodged a bullet from the CRTC recently regarding broadcasting fees.

Not using Netflix yet? It’s great to watch on your iPhone or iPad. Click here for a free one month trial of Netflix Canada.

[Hollywood Reporter via Netflix]


  • So in theory, they need content distribution rights established in the U.S. AND Canada before they can bring it to us? Boo on that. Thanks for finding out for us though.

  • Mike Lerner

    The problem is many Canadian networks have bought rights to many prime-time shows so Netflix can’t license directly with the US networks. In theory, they could buy rights from the Canadian networks if they’re willing but they will certainly charge more.

  • I pay some company to trick my router into thinking I am in the USA…I just got US Netflix a few nights ago…I needed to feed my WEEDS addiction.

  • Anonymous

    I have been thinking about this, sounds like the way to go. There are so many movies I want to watch and of course they are not available here.

  • CdnDriver

    Just curious… did you use a canadian credit card to register with US Netflix?

  • Anonymous

    Netflix Canada would have to ask Shaw Media (Global, Show Case, etc…) & CTVGlobemedia (CTV, A, Much, MTV etc..) & Rogers (City TV, OMNI, SportsNet) & CBC… All before we can see any of the US shows on Netflix Canada.

    And out of all those I’d guess CBC might be the first since they have no ties to any provider, although Rogers does spend alot to air ads on CBC.. So don’t expect anything soon… At least there’s eztv

  • Ryan

    But… Weeds IS available on Netflix Canada.

  • Marco

    can you explain a little bit more on how you did that ‘trick’?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I saw this on ONTD and pretty much went, “Oh. More shit we can’t watch in Canada.” Really, Netflix? Why does NFLX CA even exist when it doesn’t have 1/8 of the US site content? It was a waste of my money for 4 months and I never watched anything besides Robin Hood Men in Tights (<333) and Spanglish. They should be ashamed of their money grabbing ways.

  • The library needs work, but for what Netflix Canada is, there’s nothing that even competes at that pricepoint.

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s the thing, for what Netflix is it should have better content than what it has presently. It’s like waving food in front of us and saying we can’t eat it because of where we live. That’s highly unfair, Gary. I think it would have been better to just have Netflix and until they sorted out the legalities, kept the US site. There are plenty of US only companies that Canadians can see but not have, right? I mean, I understand what they’re saying, and I understand what you’re saying, but it just makes me bitter that here I was paying for things that did not appeal to me when I could easily just download the content that did, for free somewhere else. What’s me incentive to give you 7.99$ each month, Netflix?

  • It depends on your needs. There are lots of gems with Netflix Canada, such
    as seasons 1-3 of Mad Men in HD, which for $7.99/month is a steal in my
    mind. And the fact you can watch from any device, makes the service very

    There’s the free month trial to check it out, so there is really no excuse
    to complain about Netflix Canada. If you don’t like it, you can just cancel.
    Nobody is forcing people to keep paying $8/month. I think they will get
    better with time, just like how Netflix USA did.

  • Bo

    Only season 1 an 2. Seasons 3, 4, , and 5 are not.

  • Anonymous

    Bah. That IS true. I had put my account on hold while I wait it out. Do you use the CA website or do you, um, use alternative methods to view the US content?

  • -> Then I used a Pre-Paid vida gift card from Safeway…the VanCity one. You can go online and “Register” the card, using any address you want. Use a valid US address and then use that address to sign up for US Netflix…the card will work like a charm. Just that every 6 months or whatever you will need to update your card number with netflix when your prepaid card runs out.

    Yeah, I am on season 5 of Weeds…Is there a season 6? I heard there was but it isn’t available anywhere, even to purchase on iTunes. Actually, I haven’t checked US iTunes yet.

  • Nevermind…Season 6 is now on iTunes Canada!!! Whoop Whoop…I will give Netflix a couple weeks, if they don’t have it by then I will have to cave and buy it.

  • Auto Strada

    I would honestly have less movies to choose from than be hated around the world when I travel.

  • Lowell

    What the hell! Flashpoint is a Canadian show to begin with! Why do the Americans get it first? CTV should fork it over to netflix.

  • Kerry

    I’ve had a VPN for several years, which how long I’ve been using Netflix for video streaming (along with Hulu, Boxee and others). Whenever I see something called __________ Canada, I just know the service, content and experience will be pared down and inferior.
    I’ve never been to Netflix Canada, only Netflix. This article just confirms what I’m writing about.

  • Chris

    I just wish Netflix Canada didn’t include the whole library in their search. I hate seeing something and then read it’s not available

  • DOktordeathray

    @draz The CRTC has said that Netflix is not a broadcaster, and doesn’t fall under broadcast guidelines. It has been deemed an online content distribution system. So I am not sure why they would have to check with the big broadcasters to get permission, which BTW they would never give.

  • Mike M88

    I actually like this because then I know it’s in their database.

  • Kylas123

    What ever!! it really just pisses me off, the States always get way better deals then we do yet we are stuck paying the exact same amount of money, Netflix USA has WAY more and I mean WAY more content Netflix Canada needs to charge less

  • Alyssa

    Chicken or the egg problem… I cancelled my netflix sub months ago after subbing for only a month or two because almost everything I want to watch isn’t available in Canada. If they want more subs, get more shows. Simple as that.

  • Lori Goldie

    It angers me that while I was travelling in the states I had access to six seasons of weeds of which I only managed only to get to the third. Now at home in Canada, I find out that we only have four seasons available and also that there are actually 8 seasons altogether. I am peeved that I will not be able to see the rest of this show or find out how it ends for who knows how long. They should say a series is incomplete and I probably would not even bother to start watching it. The content in Canada pales so much to the content in the USA, it is sad. Why does that always have to be the case?

  • Yeah it’s a pain to not have the same libraries. You could invest in a VPN to get a USA IP address, thus loading US Netflix (when you enable the VPN).