Netflix Canada Plans to Double Content Spending As 2011 Q3 Results in Profit


Today Netflix announced their 2011 Q3 financials and their story in the U.S. wasn’t pretty as they lost over 800,000 subscribers, although their earnings rose 65 percent.

However, the situation in Canada is one of their lone shining stars. Netflix Canada now boasts over 1 million members and the company announced the 2011 Q3 quarter made a small profit. More importantly, Netflix announced over the next year they plan to double quarterly content spending, and we should see new feature films in Q4 such as True Grit, Black Swan, and The Chronicles of Narnia (these titles are already available). We will also see high profile feature films ‘coming out of their first pay window’, more premium catalogue film titles, and TV series.

Netflix says by the time all this new content is added to the Canadian library, we will have comparable content to the U.S., and they will be spending the population-adjusted equivalent. This new investment for added Canadian content will cause Netflix Canada to lose money over the next few quarters, but plans are to achieve profit by Q3 in 2012, two years after the initial launch.

Netflix Canada was off to a slow start, but it appears the library has continued to grow with decent content. All four seasons of Mad Men are available, and also the first season of The Walking Dead. For all you fans of the original 90210, the first six seasons are also available. Don’t forget to check out this tip on how to track new releases and here on reducing your bandwidth usage.

Click here to check out Netflix Canada, the first month is free. What are some titles you’ve been happy to see in the Canadian library?


  • Anon

    Or you can double your content immediately by using a proxy or VPN service and use NetFlix U.S. Same price better and more content. I gave up my Canadian account last month. Btw you still get access to the Canadian Netflix too!

  • Mmogan

    How is this done? 

  • Footy8
  • Anonymous

    Lots of stuff on Netflix Canada to watch!
    Currently working on Full Metal Alchemist and just starting to catch up on The Walking Dead. Although I do wish they had a better way of borwsing movies. The current way isn’t all that user friendly o be honest…

    I also use HotSpot Shield VPN and get access to Netflix US library. I’m doing my best to watch as many Starz Play movies before they are gone…

  • Anonymous

    Twin Peaks would be nice.