Netflix Canada to Get Slapped with Broadcast Fees?


Netflix Canada was introduced to our great country last September. I found the service to be amazing since content can be watched from my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. For a mere $8/month, users can watch unlimited TV/movies (their library is growing, albeit slowly) every month–that is until your internet provider knocks you out.

Netflix Canada to Get Slapped with Broadcast Fees?

Say it ain’t so. When I read this over at TNW, my heart skipped a beat. Canadians have been waiting forever to get Netflix.

As Brodie Beta explains:

According to our sources, the Canadian Media Production Assiociation (CMPA) is suggesting that the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Commission) should be charging Netflix because it’s “undermining the Canadian broadcasters’ revenue model”. In other words, it’s too cheap.

Other broadcasters, such as Rogers and Bell pay a local content production fees and the debate is Netflix should too. But wait–Netflix is a streaming online service. Will the CRTC try to stifle online innovation and competition yet again?

I love Netflix, even though the library isn’t as large as it should be but will change once more and more people continue to support it (click here for a one month free trial).

What do you think? Should Netflix Canada pay fees like regular broadcasters?



  • Vazandrew

    This is utterly ludicrous..we need to put an end to the CRTC!

  • Andrez1

    We don’t need a commission to choose what I can buy from a company, and what they can sell me. Both parties in the transaction are adults, and therefore able to complete the matter without a third party assisting.

    What traffic I choose to pay for and receive over my Internet connection is not the business of some commission.

  • jwp

    i guess the answer is, ‘it depends’. why are the other broadcasters paying a ‘local content production fee’?

    my preference is for everyone to pay less (including older established broadcast methods). i feel that if 1 has to pay, and netflix is considered no different in terms of what they are doing (lets face it most of canadian broadcasters are just making someone else’s content available like netflix is), then they should pay too. however, i still wonder why anyone is paying the fee.

  • Shierkahn3

    I think the better question here is. Does Rogers video or that corner store video rental place pay these same fees? As these are a closer representation of netflix’s business model. I didnt think so. Gotta love our government. If it exists, they’ll find a way to tax it until it doesn’t

  • Mohammed

    CRTC should be destroyed
    First bell wants to start UBB and now they want to charge netflix
    CRTC should stop

  • Flaxx

    I’m so sick of the stupid analogies placed on the internet… “the internet is like a utility”, “the internet is like a CD”, “the internet is like a theatre”, “the internet is like a phone”, “the internet is like broadcasting”. The Internet is better than all of them AND nothing like any of them. There’s no problem with using analogies, but the CRTC needs to realize that’s exactly what they are, analogies, they are NOT the same. So charging like it’s the same is ridiculous. Here’s an analogy for them, “the internet is like air” therefore we should have absolute free access to it in unlimited quantities without charge ever. Why not apply that analogy? Oh that’s right, cuz it won’t drain our wallets :p

  • Its possible this is a tactic they are using to hedge the recent ruling on internet usage cap fees. They might lose that battle, and since their real concern is their broadcasting business, they are trying to stop people from moving away from cable and satellite television.

  • The the idea of the CRTC worked many years ago. In todays age, they just don’t know what they are doing. You have a bunch of old men who know about the telecom industry NOT the technology industry. They are preventing growth, restricting innovation, and denying Canada it’s technical future.

    The CRTC is making Canada a joke in the technology industry. Technology is international!!! The internet is international!! Content on the internet can be created by someone as small as me or as big as Disney and still have a chance to be seen by everyone IF I have enough entertainment value. The CRTC was designed to protect Canadian content and it’s industry. How about we strive based on innovation and creativity like the rest of the world, and STOP trying to blow smoke up our ass because of where were from or where we live.

  • Graffle

    NetFlix is not a Canadian Broadcaster, so it may not fall into any existing category. Another technology-related problem for the Canadian Telecom duopoly. So much fun watching these guys get twisted into a trombone figure trying to regulate what will ultimately prove to be impossible to control.

  • Aloombox

    I hate the fucking CRTC and I am slowing but surely feeling like I am living under the watchful eye of Big Brother. I am really sick and tired of them telling us what we can and cannot watch, and charging us everywhere we turn.

    I love Netflix and so do millions of others in this country. I love the service and that’s all I watch these days as it’s so easy to watch movies, TV shows, docs; the price is right and the service is great! But obviously not for long if the CRTC is going fuck it up!!

    The CRTC is probably made up former Rogers, Bell etc. cronies who want to still gouge us. Bastards!

  • Jonathan

    Because genius, they produce local content! Netflix doesn’t. Netflix is essentially a video store so if they pay, so must Blockbuster

  • Anonymous

    At least our current government understands the future of technology… CRTC should just be eliminated.

  • Any excuse to get more money or charge more money. This doesn’t come as a surprise.

    I love netflix too, though as time goes on and the slow migration of new material to the Canadian version I find myself using it a bit less due to the fact its harder for me to find now things to watch that im interested in.
    I understand the process that must be taken in order to get that content but damn.. lol

  • No kidding, rogers and bell shouldn’t be paying the local content fees either. The CRTC bends to almost anybodies will. If local tv, like ctv or global (not really local, big national companies) cry about lose of content, then they ask for a fee to save them. When rogers and bell complain bandwith, they let them meter data, to combat netflix, but later over turn it. Now this, Rogers and bell will not rest till they stop online content that isnt theirs. Actually rogers online on demand really sucks

  • Yosef

    GOD i’m so sick of those Mo$#%@$&*()rs!! they try to find any way to charge us. in Canada we go backwards as the world goes forward! our country gets more technology restriction day by day so that they can get more billions on top billions that they already get for being the most expensive in the world.
    on another note I really like netflix but they really need to make their library larger with more content and newer movies and stuff

  • Trireme

    Hi: I’m an older guy and grew up with mainframe computers. I have seen our government and the CRTC habitually support monopolies, stifle competition and work against the Canadian consumer for years. I’m tired of it. I hope the Conservatives continue to strike down ridiculous rulings of the CRTC or make a move to scrap it altogether. This broadcast fee is just one more invasion of our pocketbooks by big our monopolistic telecommunications companies here in Canada. Can someone please tell me why it’s cheaper to make cellular calls in places like Kenya than it is here?

  • Anonymous

    Or perhaps, like the government regulators that caused the financial crisis, these CRTC employees have cushy high paying jobs waiting for them with Rogers/Bell/Shaw when they leave the CRTC?…

  • A Keschvari

    It’s disgusting to see how greedy the Canadian government has become.

  • Calgary

    should i pay everytime i open the internet too, because im not watching tv as they would like me to do. ?

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