New iTunes Version Also Fixes Music Deletion Bug


Apple acknowledged iTunes users who claimed that the software deleted their music files in a statement last week, and released iTunes 12.4 update a couple of days later which introduced a simpler design, easier navigation, a media picker, and some other new design features. However, TechCrunch has today pointed out that the new version also includes a fix which aims to address the music deletion bug reported by many iTunes users.


The source notes that while iTunes version 12.4 aims to correct this problem, Apple has not been able to cause music deletions to happen in internal testing. “Without being able to reproduce the problem, it’s unclear at this time if the fix being shipped will actually solve this issue for good”. It is also not yet clear whether the issue is tied to Apple Music’s subscription service or if it affects regular iTunes users as well. Apple has also not yet released any documentation detailing the fix.

“The lack of documentation also hints that Apple believes this is a very minor issue affecting very few users, as its statement indicates. One of those users is James Pinkstone, who received personal attention from Apple engineers over the weekend related to his music deletion problem, we understand. Apple knows of very few live cases that are like James’, as most music deletion issues are things that can be attributed to other causes and resolved with help from Apple’s tech support”.

You can read all about James Pinkstone’s music deletion story at this link.


  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone else find this new version of iTunes to be a nightmare? They moved the recently added to the sidebar and now force you to view it by album cover.
    I also seem to be unable to click on my device on the sidebar anymore, although I can click music or other associated sub-categories. Only way to access my devices seems to be from the upper menu bar, but once selected there is no way to go back to my music library. The option disappears from the top menu bar and the only way back is to use the ‘back’ button. What a clumsy and awkward redesign. Things moved for no reason, more cluttered, less accessible and more difficlt to navigate. So far I can’t
    see a single improvement…

  • runner

    iTunes 12 is the definition of a nightmare. It is a train wreck.
    I have an iTunes Match subscription which I use on iTunes 10.7 as well as on my iOS devices. Even though you cannot do direct syncs with iTunes 10 on iOS7 and later devices, it is still way better than 12 because of the superior layout, ease of use and media management. Plus iTunes DJ is a great feature which iTunes needlessly removed in iTunes 11.
    I would suggest if you are fed up of iTunes 12 and have a Match subscription, do a downgrade (there are articles online on how to do it properly) and sync your iPhone via. iCloud. That has been my solution to avoid the iTunes 12 mess.