Nintendo Teases New Hybrid Console Due March 2017


Nintendo switch

Gamers beware! Nintendo has finally revealed its anticipated new console, Nintendo Switch, in a new video posted on its official YouTube channel, as spotted by The Verge.

The new console confirms earlier rumours of a portable hybrid device using cartridges instead of discs. As you can see in the trailer inserted below, the Nintendo Switch enables users to play games on the go, but they can also play at home.

The teaser shows various user scenarios, such as multiplayer mode on the standalone screen, four players playing Mario Kart sharing two controllers, and more.

But besides playing with friends, the Nintendo Switch teaser also shows e-sports players practicing Splatoon in a stadium hallway before taking their console for the e-sport event when they face the “enemy”.

The new console trailer comes after Nintendo committed to launching four titles on mobile platforms. Following the launch of Miitomo, the iPhone 7 event saw Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo marketing manager Bill Trinen on stage showing Super Mario Run, which launches first on iOS.

The Nintendo Switch is due in March 2017, so you’ll have enough time to play Super Mario Run on the iPhone 7.


  • mxmgodin

    “Nintendo Teases New Controller Due March 2017”

    Controller? 😛

  • Biggy604

    Im more hyped for this then I was with the failed Wii U. This Console hybrid looks more appealing then the Wii U was.

  • I don’t see who would carry this around when you always have your smartphone for light gaming.

  • Biggy604

    Real console gaming on the good, I guess compared to just the F2P stuff on smartphones.

    If ghe 3DS is still chugging along fine even with kids using tablets and smartphones more, I don’t see Nintendo losing out on the handheld market.

    Then again the PSVita was supposed to be the “home console on the go” but failed miserably. That Sony pulled the plug on it faster then Nintendo pulling the plug on the Wii U.

  • biggy604

    Console gaming on the go* not good lol