Ontario Man Beaten, Robbed in Botched iPhone 6 Classifieds Sale


With demand at an all-time high for Apple’s iPhone 6, particularly the 6 Plus model, some people have gone to extreme lengths to obtain the phone, which is able to sell at high margins on used classifieds and overseas grey markets.

One 19-year old Pickering, Ontario man found out the hard way after his Kijiji transaction went horribly wrong, according to the Toronto Sun:

“(The victim) handed the phone to the (man) to be inspected,” Sgt. Bill Calder said Tuesday. “The (man) left with the phone, suggesting he would be right back with the money.

“The victim followed him outside and was punched repeatedly,” Calder said, adding the thief then ran off towards Liverpool Rd. with the new iPhone 6.

Durham Regional Police said the transaction took place at McDonald’s at Kingston and Liverpool Roads, after 8PM on Sunday night. The suspect, pictured below, is described as roughly 25 years old, 5 foot 10, with short dark hair and a medium build, according to surveillance video:

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Sgt. Bill Calder explained police have seen an increase of robberies involving such devices and warned the public of “the risks of re-selling items through online advertisements, especially when dealing with cellphones.”

Selling a hot ticket item on used classifieds can be risky (maybe meet at noon in the lobby of a police department to be safe? j/k), which is why some skip the hassle and opt to trade in their devices at Apple Stores or go the eBay route.

[via Toronto Sun]

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  • coach

    That McDonald’s is literally down the street from my house and I was there just a few hours before. For a public meet/sale that isn’t a good location at all. Dimly lit and a hangout spot once nighttime falls. Funny thing is 3 blocks down is another McD’s with the same Durham Regional Police office 5 mins away or a Tim Hortons across the street from it.

  • Parksy

    In the pre-order mess that was September 12th, I ended up with two phones (same as Kris from iphoneincanada!). I was trying to sell the second 64GB 6 Plus but the fear of something like this happening caused me to return it to the Apple Store. I was selling it for $1100 which is about $4 more than what I paid. People were offering less than my cost. On a side note, I know the demand is high but I don’t think people are paying what the media says they are for devices.

  • Kellie

    I grew up in the area too (on Glendale!) and that place is sketchy. Definitely not a place to be bringing expensive items. Growing up there were frequent gang fights/muggings 5 mins away.

  • WatDah

    Meanwhile in other parts of the world, iPhones are being dropped on the ground; frozen with liquid nitrogen; sledge hammered; blended; set on fire; and shot by a .50 cal.

  • AEdouard

    This kind of thing pretty much always only happen just after launch though. If you’re reselling your phone one year later to get the new one, the risk is very low. I sold every iPhone I bought about a year after purchase on kijiji or other sites in a big city and always had a good experience with the buyer, and often a quite pleasant one. The resale value you get is also waaaaay higher, say about 2X what you would get for a trade-in.

  • AEdouard

    For $4 (or $50) more, selling is way too much of a hassle. Really worth it to sell the device you use daily to get a new one after a year though.

  • gtasscarlo

    Theirs no point in trying to sell it for $4 profit. Good thing you returned it. The hassle ain’t worth it.

  • Parksy

    What surprised me was Applev opened up my sealed box and it will be sent back to head office and not be sold. Hottest device on the face of the earth and they won’t sell it

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  • rickey889

    i bring my friend with me, he is 6 feet 8, 350 lbs, his presence usually makes a smooth transaction or a crook will decide to pass on it and leave LOL

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