Oscar Mayer Launches Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock App For iPhone



Oscar Mayer has launched a new alarm clock app that will get you out of bed every morning to the sound and smell of frying bacon.

The app works alongside a small device that plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack. When your alarm goes off the app will then trigger the device which will release a smell of fried bacon.

The device is being called “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” and will not be available in stores. The only way to get one is to fill out this application and hope you are one of the lucky few chosen to receive the device. Check out Oscar Mayer’s video made together with marketing agency 360i to promote the device.

The only downside of the app is that there is no bacon…

[via Business Insider]


  • iFone

    Well, it seems House of Cards producers might be suing Oscar Mayer for stolen intellectual property…you’ll understand if you saw Season 1, Chapter 12

  • “Check out Mayer’s video he made with marketing agency 360i to promote the device.”

    Ummm… Oscar Mayer is a company, not a person.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the catch!

  • Mr Spark

    This is it people. This is what humanity has been building up to.

  • Allan Descheneau

    Not available to Canadians?


  • Erik Kappel

    Indeed it isn’t. Why is this not mentioned in the article?

  • adfasdfdsfafasfwe

    no Canadian bacon what-what-whattt!