Ottawa City Council Legalizes Uber Under New Regulations That Take Effect This Fall



Today, Ottawa city council voted in favour of legalizing Uber in the nation’s capital under new vehicle-for-hire regulations coming this fall.

The vote comes after two days of discussions at City Hall around changes to Ottawa’s taxi bylaws. Council voted that all taxi and Uber drivers must have at least $2 million in liability insurance.

Uber drivers and other ride-sharing services will not be required to have cameras in their vehicles. However, this is something the taxi industry is still pushing for. The city will also drop the $1.50 fee for taxi customers to pay using a debit or credit card.

The new regulations will take effect on September 30. The ride-sharing company has said it will continue operations in Ottawa until the new rules kick in in the fall, even though Uber has been operating in the city illegally since October 2014.

[via Ottawa Citizen]


  • Brad Fortin

    “We’re going to continue operating illegally until laws pass that make our business legal” doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should be encouraged.

    Maybe I should start a “food-sharing service” that doesn’t follow restaurant health and safety laws and refuse to shut down until legislators pass a law making the business legal.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Best news I heard coming out of the City of Ottawa in a long time. Time to move on to newer services and to put an end to monopolies. The City really screwed this up by allowing the ownership and transferring of plates (at a profit). I used Uber in the past and they are fantastic. Now, we need the rest of the country to enter the 21st century.