Over Half a Million Canadians Cut Their Landline Phone Service Last Year



According to a report from the Financial Post, the most recent quarterly reports from Canada’s leading telecom companies showed that they lost over 500,000 landline phone customers last year.

If you take smaller carriers into account the number increases to about 636,000 customers. Convergence Consulting Group estimates that the numbers will drop by the same amount in 2016, which leads them to expect an increase in Canadian wireless-only households from 32.5 percent at year end 2015 to 37 percent at year end 2016.

In addition, most customers that have a landline phone already have a wireless phone, so telecom companies will not be gaining any addition subscribers. The CRTC reports that carriers made $5.2 billion off of home phone services in 2014.

It seems like consumers are shifting their attention away from tradition landline phone services to VoIP services that run over the internet.


  • hlna55

    in other news, studies showed that other types of phone services increased by the same amount… you heard it hear first!!

  • CanucksGoal

    The study just shows people still use home phone but they turned to VOIP instead of traditional home phone.

    There’s only 2 benefits for people switching to VOIP. One is free or dirt cheap international long distance calls. Second VOIP itself is cheap.

    The disadvantage of VOIP is obviously because it depends on internet. Once you lose internet or power, your phone is dead. Also the quality is not as good compare traditional phone.

  • Moleni

    So, depending on the internet doesn’t matter for most – you have your cellphone, and day-long power outages are rare for most Canadians, thankfully.

    The “low-quality” VOIP thing is mostly a myth now, though – all modern internet plans are fast enough for high quality service, and, a lot of VOIP providers (Ooma, Vonage) offer specialized handsets now that avoid a POTS line altogether and connect directly to the terminal, giving you better quality than a standard POTS phone, and MUCH better quality when going HD-phone to HD-phone on their same network.

  • Michal

    indeed. voice quality on voip is better.
    and also agree with internet not really going down often with at least the bigger/better ISPs. cant remember last time rogers was down for me. i know it varies, of course.

    switched to freephoneline few years ago and never looked back.

    option on blocking numbers, pretty much ALL ‘*’ / star services, voicemail to email…. free across canada, cheap international…
    all this stuff for free or fraction of the cost landline customers get raped for.
    seriously cant go wrong with this move.

  • Z S

    I’ve TRIED to ditch my landline a few times with BellAliant, but since I have TV and Internet with them, it’d actually be more expensive to ditch their bundle. Typical. I guarantee they intentionally make it that way so they can continue to keep landline numbers up.

    That said, I don’t have a single phone in the house hooked up. My fibre ONT isn’t even connected to my home’s POTS network. They were already using CAT6 cables, so we just rewired them for internet.

    I’d get rid of TV, too, but my wife likes to watch a bunch of shows that aren’t on Netflix or other services.