PayPal Canada Offers 10% Off iTunes Codes So You Can Avoid the Crowds


If you’ve been waiting for an iTunes Card sale (and missed the one in November), PayPal Canada has launched one this morning for 10% off iTunes codes, in denominations of $25, $50 or $100, available from their digital gift store.

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The sale is available from December 26, 2014 (09:00 AM EST) to December 30, 2014 (10:00 PM EST) until quantities last. Buying these cards digitally means you get to avoid the crowds and save 10% off any digital purchases from Apple, including in-app purchases (like gems in Clash of Clans).

While the savings aren’t 15 or 20%, if you’re desperate to save a little, this is a good time to buy to help fund your iTunes Account for your new iPhone or iPad. You can always save 10% off iTunes Cards year round in Costco, but you pay the price of ‘agony’ while waiting in line at the check outs.

Click here to jump on the PayPal Digital Gifts promo for 10% off iTunes codes. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Discounted iTunes codes are hard to pass up! They’re basically worth face value on resale sites too.

  • MichaelEwen

    Tried this a couple of months ago, and got no codes. PayPal ended up refunding my money. Buyer Beware

  • On a related note, I bought a bunch of cards from Future Shop as part of the Black Friday special. When I tried to use the cards all of them had been deactivated. My understanding is that there was a glitch in their system that caused them to be deactivated when the discount was applied. This issue was reported by Best Buy customers as well.

    After sending scans of the front and back of every single card (15 in total), the packaging and the receipt to Apple they told me I would need to take this matter up with Future Shop. Future Shop refused to refund my purchase, but did eventually exchange the cards. Quite a hassle to say the least. I have had better luck in the past and will continue to purchase iTunes cards at a discount. I’ll probably just get them from Costco.

  • Joel at PayPal

    Michael – I am sorry you had a bad experience. As you can imagine, we have seen huge volumes over the course of the year as we have scaled up the program, a well as very high levels of fraud attempts.

    Unfortunately, this has resulted in bad experiences for some good buyers.

    We have just gotten through a banner busting holiday, and we think we have gotten most of the kinks out. We would love it if you gave us another try.

    Joel at PayPal