Pebble App Update Removes Dependence on Cloud Services



Following Pebble’s acquisition by Fitbit last year, the company had announced that Fitbit would be “going out of its way” to keep the smartwatch platform’s software and services running through 2017, even after its servers go offline. This week, Pebble’s apps for iOS and Android have finally been updated to remove the dependence of Pebble smartwatches on its cloud services (via The Verge).

Pebble released an update this week that decouples the smartwatches from their dependency on cloud services, meaning that whenever Pebble’s servers do shut down, users will still be able to side load apps and new firmware to their smartwatches.

It’s not a perfect fix, and there are still plenty of answered questions. Features like dictation, messaging, and weather, for example, are all based on cloud services, and Pebble still hasn’t commented on whether or not it’s found a way to keep those working for users going forward.

From now on, if a Pebble authentication server can’t be reached, the mobile apps will allow Pebble devices to keep working. The login process can be skipped, apps can be side-loaded, and the latest watch firmware, including language packs, can be installed.

iOS users can update their Pebble app for free from the App Store, while Android users enrolled in the Pebble beta program can download the update from Pebble’s beta channel


  • How long is Pebble likely to last, I bought an asus zenwatch 2 and didnt like it so much because it was delayed with notifications and stuff and I was thinking about maybe the pebble time; but if its not going to be around to long Im not going to waste $100 to last me less then a year about.

  • Maxime Gregoire

    I know the Pebble scene is still pretty active. If, with this update, we can sideload stuff and have cloud dependence on different servers for different services, the Pebble Time is still one of the best smartwatch there is. It does what it has to do.

  • I have not had a pebble product before, Im looking to be able to wear a product that will notify me of text messages and phone calls when my phone is in my pocket and I cant get to it and possibly being able to answer the calls on the watch and text messages; is this possible with the pebble and is it worth to buy it for $100 when even though brand new there is no warranty or anything?