Pebble Time Smartwatch Will Begin Shipping on May 27 Despite Rumoured Financial Woes



In a blog post released yesterday, Pebble announced that their new Pebble Time smartwatch will begin shipping on May 27 for all customers who backed the device on Kickstarter.

“Great news: the first batch of Pebble Time shipments are scheduled to go out Wednesday, May 27. With things moving along at this rate, we expect all Pebble Time Rewards to be manufactured by the end of the month.

By the end of May, all backers can expect an invitation to finalize their selections in the Reward Portal so we can get your Pebble Time processed and shipped. Every backer with a Pebble Time included in their selected reward tier should receive a tracking number from us by mid-June.”

Pebble has been hit with rumours that claim they’ve been dealing with financial issues. Despite raising $20 million in its recent campaign, the company may need even more cash to keep its business going. Unfortunately, most investors aren’t willing to take a bet on Pebble now that the Apple Watch has officially entered the market.

Despite all the rumours, it looks like any financial issues the company may have won’t affect early shipments of the Pebble Time.


The Pebble Time features a completely new design, with a colour e-ink display, built-in microphone, and a new Timeline operating system. A new Pebble Time Watch app will be available next week for both iOS and Android. The app will be exclusive to the new Time models and will eliminate the previous limit of eight apps.

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  • Z S

    People who work at Pebble have already come out and said the rumour of financial trouble is bullshit. It would be akin to thinking someone who took out a mortgage was in financial ruin.

  • Anthony

    Regardless it’s an uphill battle for them from now on. It will be very hard if not impossible to compete with Apple, Google or even Samsung. Their only hope is to find a small segment of the market that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and hope it’s big enough to survive. I’m sure if the phone market is any indicator, they’re going to have heavy competition from Android Wear at the low end.

  • guess

    I would’ve considered or even actually purchased their watch, if their price point make better sense.

  • OliChabot

    The best strategy for them, as I don’tthink they can compete with the Apple Watch, would be to find a niche that wants a smartwatch but does not want to spend 350$US on it. So they should review their prices and sell it at 199$US, which would be almost half less than the Apple Watch. Offering a customizable port so you can wire a band with it that has extra charging or more functionnalities would be a plus too. Other than that, I’m pretty sure people will prefer to go with the Apple Watch instead of the Pebble Time, considering that you can at least communicate with Apple Watch, receive calls and send texts, something you can’t do with iPhone and Pebble.