Pebble Time Kickstarter Update Brings Steel Version, Smartstraps [PICS]


Pebble has today added another watch to its ongoing Kickstarter project, which has already raised over $13 million with 24 days still to go before the campaign ends. Called the ‘Pebble Time Steel’, it is an upscale version of the plastic Pebble Time, featuring an improved battery life of 10 days (instead of 7) and a machined metal case that comes in silver, gold and black finishes.

In addition, Pebble has also announced ‘Smartstraps‘, a unique modular hardware accessory system, which allows third-party developers to build smart add-ons like NFC, GPS etc. for both watches.

Time steel black and black

The Pebble Time Steel is available to the first 10,000 Kickstarter backers for $250 and starts shipping to backers in July. Those who have already backed the plastic Pebble Time can increase their contribution to pay for a Pebble Steel without losing their place in the queue.

The Steel version has the same water resistance, built-in mic and color e-paper display, but Pebble says it’s aimed at the professional crowd, rather than the more sporty, everyday look it says it created for the original Pebble Time.


Pebble details that its Smartstrap system is an open hardware platform, which lets hardware makers use a port on the back of the watch combined with the quick release band tech Pebble employs to add features to the watch via sensors, electronics, and even batteries built into swappable straps.

You could add a heart rate monitor, for instance, or a GPS chip for improved run tracking and fitness powers; a spare battery to bump up the life of the Pebble to multiple weeks; or environmental sensors to tell you about air quality and temperature.

One interesting model is the gold version with red straps below:


…which closely resembles the 18k gold Apple Watch edition (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, eh?):

apple watch gold red

If you’re thinking of backing the project, hit up this link and check out their new video below:


  • sukisszoze

    I thought the gold watch with red strap looked

  • hahah so does the entire world

  • Tim

    I don’t like the one that rips off that ugly gold and tan Apple watch. That pairing is uglier than sin on both Apple and Pebble. I do like the black steel with leather. It’s nicer than anything I’ve seen in the Apple Watch lineup (which doesn’t say much really).

    I also like that the battery life makes it practical (unlike every other entrant in this category).

    My hang up is the Tamagotchi OS. If they could get the steel version down to $200 I’d be in. All that this wearable category offers at this point is at-a-glance convenience. For me that’s worth a $200 premium tops.

  • Funny and so true about the Tamagotchi OS. I guess it’s a trade off for battery life, until someone comes up with a higher-res color e-ink display.

  • aaloo

    Why do they do that. The minute apple and Jony Ive come up with a design, that freakin becomes the gold standard to emulate. It’s like they have no confidence in their own abilities. Just watch samsung’s watches coming out this year.