PwnageTool 4.1 Jailbreak Download Released!


The iPhone Dev Team has announced on their blog the official release of PwnageTool 4.1. They are calling it their 20102010 event to coincide with Apple’s Back to Mac event.

The download is available for Mac only and will allow you to create a custom jailbroken firmware to restore from, allowing unlockers to preserve their basebands.

From their blog:

We’re pleased to release PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac OS X (free of charge, blog ads, and donation requests — as always!). Today’s big new addition to the jailbreak family is AppleTV 2G, which was first shown jailbroken in its release week!

Through a combination of the recently released geohot limera1n exploit , @comex’s recently released pf kernel exploit, and our original pwnage2 exploit, PwnageTool 4.1 works untethered on these devices at firmware 4.1:

AppleTV 2G
iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
iPod touch 4G
iPod touch 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G
PwnageTool allows you to restore to a custom IPSW file. For instance, you can restore to a pre-jailbroken firmware while simultaneously maintaining your current baseband (and thus your ultrasn0w carrier unlock). You can also add whatever packages you want in the “Expert” mode of PwnageTool, if you wish to pre-install Cydia packages. iPhone 3G users get the additional benefit of selecting their own boot and recovery logos, and features like multitasking and battery charge percentage.

As always, use at your own risk. The jailbreak also works for the new Apple TV.

Click here to download PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac

[iPhone Dev Team Blog]

Let us know your success stories!


  • Derka181

    So if I have a un jailbroken iPhone 3G with OS 4.1 and broadband 05.14.02 I can now jailbreak my phone and unlock with ultraslow?????? Please help me

  • ellard


    I have a 4.0.1 jailbroken iPhone 4. Could anyone provide a step by step process to upgrade it to 4.1 using pwnage tool without losing my apps?


  • Knguncle3

    Does anyone have a custom made firmware of 4.1 with 01.59 baseband that I can use? I accidentally updated my baseband. So I want to use the Pwnage Tool 4.1 to restore my the odl baseband.

  • Anonymous

    How do I restore visual voicemail and setup tethering?

  • roadcarver

    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1, jailbroken and I have baseband 1.59. Do I still have to use a custom firmware to unlock?

  • Knguncle3

    I think you are all set. Just use Ultrasn0w to unlock the phone. Hey would you mind using the 4.1 Pwnage tool to create a custom ipsw for me please? Then let me know where I can download it. It’s a good idea for you to create one and keep it aside for emergency anyway.

  • spiderman

    how about a pc version?
    i have iphone 4, 4.02 and its pure.
    to unlock and jailbreak it, do i have to wait for pwnagetool for pc?


  • Short answer, yes.

    Long answer: If you feel so inclined, there’s plenty of fresh torrents of pre-hacked 4.1 IPSW’s out there already. Download and install at your own risk.

  • You can NOT downgrade baseband, it’s impossible. This is why it’s essential to use Pwnagetool (with a custom baseband-preserved firmware embedded in the IPSW it generates) to preserve the baseband.

    You’ll have to wait for a new unlock….no ETA at this point.

  • Anonymous

    I did not use pwnage. When I upgraded to 4.1, I used tinyumbrella to preserve my 1.59 baseband.

    I used greenpoison to jb my phone.

  • Knguncle3


  • guest

    OK I am still on 4.0.1 and jailbroken with baseband 1.59 but have not gone through with unlocking. Are you telling me if I upgrade to 4.1 I am able to jb but this will also upgrade my baseband and there is no way I can unlock in the future? So I’m basically stuck at 4.0.1 unless I don’t care about being able to unlock the phone?

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  • Kevin

    You’re an idiot. tinyumbrella merely saved your SHSH so that you can, at a later time, apply an earlier version of Apple’s IPSW file. If you’ve applied 4.1, you’ve overwritten your baseband, for which this is no current Unlock. Sure, you have a jailbroken phone, but as of right now (Oct 25th) there is no unlock for the baseband software installed on your phone. Firmware & Baseband are two separate things.

  • No need to get all angry on someone!

  • Anonymous

    It’s okay. All I can say is that I have iOS 4.1, baseband 1.59, jailbroken and unlocked. He is the bigger fool.

  • roadcarver

    I’m not a guru or anything, but merely followed a guide. Here’s the guide which used Tiny Umbrella to update my iPhone 4 to 4.1 but still kept my baseband.

    Here’s a screenshot of my settings showing 4.1 with 1.59 baseband.

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