Quadrotor w/ Machine Gun Controlled by iOS. Cyberdyne Systems Prototype?


The quadrotor helicopter controlled by an iPhone is not a new thing. In fact iPhoneinCanada has reviewed one, in the past. This new prototype brings things to a whole new level, and introduces a possible new military application for this tech.

FPS Russia is known for testing some crazy weapons, and in one of their latest videos it looks like they are testing a prototype quadrotor helicopter, with a camera and machine gun on board, remote controlled by an iOS device. The footage looks great, and the prototype seems to work really well. I can’t help but be reminded of something from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or the flying machines from the Terminator movies! Prepare for SkyNet to become self aware and take over these quadrotors and kill us all! 😛 There have been some comments on the video that claim this could be “CGI enhanced”. The more I watch it, the more I think this could be a fake. Take a look at the video, and decide for yourself:

In all seriousness, this thing is scary. If this is a real prototype, I can imagine the US military would be taking a very close look at this. I am guessing it would connect to an iOS device via bluetooth, as I don’t think they have WiFi out in the middle of this field, so I’m not sure the range to control this would be that useful. I am, by no means, a military expert, so I’m just guessing.

Share your thoughts below on this crazy prototype.


  • K3

    oh forget about it, it’s a fugazi.

  • Nomorestuff4me

    ha.ha..I have never shot a gun before. The gun hardly pulled back at all from firing those rounds in the air. I can’t imagine those propellors can keep the gun stable enough during the shooting?!?

  • 350Zed

    As cool as this video is, and as much as I get a kick out of FPS Russia, the “prototype” in this video is not real… it’s CGI.


  • Kraken

    Apple is Cyberdyne Systems.  Once our iPhones / iPads become self-aware, it’s game over for us 🙂

  • Moemail

    Fake CGI.. Most obvious when going through the window near the table the again when shooting then again when going through the back of the car.

  • Lazylurkerca

    Not only is this thing clearly fake but where in the video does it say its using IOS?  He just said its a tablet