New Renders Imagine ‘iPhone 6c’ Based on Leaked ‘iPhone 6’ Schematics [PICS]


Last week we saw renders of the iPhone 6 based on supposed leaked schematics and today MacRumors has posted images of what these same schematics reimagined as the iPhone 6c. Check them out below:

Iphone6c back 800x800

Iphone6c front 800x800

Earlier this week we saw metal mockups of what claimed to be the iPhone 6 at an electronics fair in Hong Kong. But according to ‘industry insiders’, (via Cult of Mac) reports these molds actually represent the iPhone 6c, based on the circular rear flash and the doubts Apple would remove its True Tone dual LED flash for its next generation iPhone.

After seeing the supposed iPhone 6 metal molds and these reimagined iPhone 6c renders, it does make us lean more towards a possible iPhone 6c leak instead, rather than the iPhone 6. But of course, all of these ‘leaks’ can easily be faked, so until more evidence emerges we’ll just have to keep on enjoying the Apple rumour mill.


  • szinck

    I really like this – the C series give a bit more character to the device which can be important to many people.

  • Billdozer

    I really dislike the C series. It makes the Iphone look like a cheap toy but I do want a bigger screen. Say no to plastic or I may have to go for the HTC One M8.

  • Riddlemethis

    Apple will give the C a few more years before realizing it’s an epic fail. However, it may not be if Apple jacks up their pricing like rumours suggest where the larger screened iPhones will cost about $100 more.

  • The 5C is what it is…a lower cost entry into an iPhone. After holding one and using one briefly, it’s a decent device. Feels good in the hand and you can really customize the design with the case colours. Its hard plastic does not feel like plastic, but of course when it’s put beside an iPhone 5s or M8, it looks way inferior.

  • Yup. The 5C has its place, despite the hate it gets. Haters gonn’ hate.