New Renders Imagine the ‘iPhone 6’ Based on Leaked Schematics [PICS]

Last month we saw supposedly leaked iPhone 6 schematics hit the web and designers were quick to release their renders of what the next iPhone might look like based on these specs.

Today, MacRumors has published a new set of rendered images based on these schematics brought to life by designer Ferry Passchier, which compare his renders to existing iOS devices.

Below, we see the rumoured 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone 6 side by side (which we’ve heard about since last summer):

Iphone 6 side

…and here are these iPhone 6 models sandwiched between the iPhone 5s (far left) and the iPad mini (far right):

Iphone 6 all  1

Shortly after these schematics were leaked, some alleged iPhone 6 prototype images also surfaced which somewhat resemble the design based on the schematics floating around.

Earlier, internal docs revealed in the ongoing Apple vs Samsung (part 2) patent trial noted Apple was concerned over dropping iPhone sales as competitors saw growth in devices with larger screen sizes, something the Cupertino company did not have.

Could Apple be shifting their next iPhone to bring back curved sides, such as their earlier models? Sharing the same rounded edge design cues as current iPads would be nice–especially if it debuts thinner than the iPhone 5s.