RIM Announces Blackberry Enterprise Support for iOS Devices


RIM has announced the acquisition of ubitexx (makers of ubi-Suite, a device management system) and by doing so will bring Blackberry Enterprise Server to iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

The multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution will be comprised of optional architectural components based on the configuration of an organization’s mobile deployment and their operational needs. Optional components will include BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for BlackBerry devices, and a separate, secure device management server for Android and iOS devices (based on the foundation of ubi-Suite from ubitexx). It will be possible to deploy multiple components in a virtualized environment on a single server.

Looks like RIM wants to bring the love for iOS users, albeit in a limited capacity. What’s next, BBM for iOS?



  • Anonymous

    YES! great find…thanks for the update 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why not BBM? the notion that RIM would never give their ‘golden egg’ to another platform is silly and baseless. If they can make profits that benefit the shareholders why not?

    I’ve said it before … At one point Steve Jobs said there would be no way he would make an iPod compatible with a PC …

  • This could be for other things then BBM, or i should say, this is probably for many things other then bbm. For example having playbook work with iphone. I was playing with the Playbook and found it had a hard time connecting to Iphone hotspot, that’s one example.

  • sienna Ford

    Blackberry Enterprise really work hard for Android and iOS devices .