Robotic Testing Finds iPhone 5c/5s Screen Less Accurate Than Galaxy S3


After measuring the performance of the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and Samsung Galaxy S3, OptoFidelity, a Finnish company specializing in test and measurement automation, has apparently found that the screen of the Apple handsets is less accurate in terms of touch sensing (via GSM Arena).

To find out which handset has the most touch-accurate screen, the Finnish company put the devices to use with the OptoFidelity TPPT (Touch Panel Performance Tester), which measures the touch panel accuracy using a robot with an artificial finger.

Using that artificial finger, they essentially tapped the phone across the screen and compared the actual touch position with reported coordinates, with the PASS/FAIL limit being 1 mm and the green points indicating pass, while the red ones indicate fail.

Below, you can see what they found:

iPhone 5c 5s touch accuracy

The artificial tapping of the screen found that users may have issues pressing the letters Q, O, and P on the artificial keyboard of the iPhone 5s and 5c. One thing they omitted, though: machine testing doesn’t equal real-world usage.

iphone 5c 5s touch latency

Going further, the same OptoFidelity report has reinforced an earlier Agawi report regarding the iPhone’s touch screen latency. Agawi found that the iPhone 5’s touch screen is far more accurate than any of the measured Android competitors, while the Finnish company’s testing has found that the screen of the iPhone 5s and 5c is far more accurate than the Samsung S3’s.

Additionally, after measuring web browser opening time and camera app opening time, OptoFidelity has found that the iPhone 5s and 5c record faster response times than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Below you can find a test measurement demo video:


  • einsteinbqat

    Lots of rubbish. iOS compensate for HUMAN manipulations. A robot is not a human finger. An iPhone is not held on a horizontal plane. iOS ompensate for the estimated change in line of sight between your eyes, over your finger, to the touchscreen, depending on where you are touching the screen.

    And are they serious? When was the last time that you needed 6 SECONDS for Safari to open on your iPhone?

    They might consider calibrating their software a bit!

  • MemoryStomp

    >When was the last time that you needed 6 SECONDS for Safari to open on your iPhone?

    That time includes waiting for to load completely. Their homepage took 15s to load on my desktop (Chrome says 185 requests, 1.2MB transferred). Basically, they are measuring network traffic and not the phones.

  • Good to know. I’ll be sure to recommend a Samsung phone to all of my friends with robotic hands. 😉

  • gerry

    At least I have a phone that works.

  • Sure……a robot picks the winner and it just happens to be named android no conflict of interest 😉

  • joe

    Got to love that iphone users hate to know that there phone is not the best device out there.

  • GS3 > iphone anyday of theweek

    Samsung galaxy s3 = Beast!