Rogers and Fido: The Only Carrier Authorized iPhone Unlocking in North America [Update]


Update 2: Rogers contacted us and wanted to clarify the following:

A customer can get the unlock code from our care reps provided they’re willing to pay out the remaining subsidy, regardless of time frame left on the contract. Also, their account needs to be in good standing and the device needs to be in the equipment history for that customer.

Update 1: Here is a picture of the finished Rogers/Fido unlock process, via @shuether. It’s a permanent unlock:

A few notes:

  • Your device must be a Rogers/Fido branded iPhone
  • You device must be registered in the Rogers/Fido system for at least 30 days; if you upgrade to a new phone, the old iPhone cannot be unlocked as it will be out of the system, and off your account. So make sure you ask to unlock your iPhone before your contract ends.
  • To work around this–register your iPhone on a month to month plan for 30 days, then ask for that Rogers/Fido iPhone to be unlocked.

With the release of the iPhone 4, Apple introduced the sale of factory unlocked iPhones from their retail stores in Canada. For those that purchase subsidized handsets from Canadian iPhone carriers, devices remain locked to their specific network.

Back in December of 2010, Rogers introduced a new device unlocking policy that would allow them to unlock Rogers/Fido branded iPhones for a $50 fee. The requirement is to have paid back all hardware subsidies (you can even buy out your contract, and they will unlock your phone). The process involves restoring your iPhone via iTunes after calling into customer service. Along with Fido and SaskTel, these were the only authorized carrier unlockers in Canada.

Apple has updated their support page to note only Rogers and Fido are the authorized carriers to offer unlocking in North America (SaskTel was removed from the chart). No carriers in the USA or Mexico offer carrier unlocking. Canada finally gets to have an exclusive.

Have you tried unlocking your iPhone via Rogers or Fido? How did it go?


  • Beetle

    Keep in mind: Fido/Rogers only unlock Fido/Rogers iPhones…
    So impossible for a Telus/Bell user to move to Fido/Rogers with a Telus/Bell locked iPhone.
    Unlocking is done at the source, not at the destination.

  • Deckking

    I did that with Rogers for my iphOne. It is great!

  • Why can’t A telus/Bell phone be unlocked by Rogers?   Is it because they Can’t (software) Or because they won’t (bad for business)??

  • Test

    So, I’ve paid for my iPhone in full and now I have to pay again for it to be my iPhone? How generous. And this makes Rogers the best of a bad group. It is such a privilege to be a loyal paying customer of more than a decade…

  • Of course. Clarified, thanks.

  • I believe the unlocking service is an agreement between Apple and Rogers/Fido.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers will only unlock one of their iPhones if you have an account with them. If you had a Rogers iPhone payed in full but no longer have a Rogers account they will not unlock it.

  • Tom

     If you bought your iPhone full price, it stays unlock forever.

  • roadcarver

    Is this unlock service permanent?

  • Just called Fido to see if unlocking this Fido/iPhone 4S is possible. Considering I’m not actually a Fido customer, I figured my chances were slim to none, but I called anyway. Lady said it was possible if I had an account or a working SIM card.. I didn’t get any further, but it seemed promising.

  • Ex

    Since 2010, I’m still unclear if this is a true unlock or simply software-based. If it’s the latter, then this unlock is useless.

  • Alex Sebenski

    Thought it is “software based” it’s a true unlock that is permanent. When you restore to new firmwares in iTunes, the iTunes server will respond with the authorization to install an unlocked firmware every time.

  • Alex Sebenski

    Permanent. Rogers removes your IMEI from their list of locked phones and when you restore to any firmware using iTunes, it will remain unlocked.

  • Uncle3

    Can anyone confirms that this unlock is permanent? Because a while back, I called Rogers and the rep told me that the phone will be unlock as long as you don’t update the IOS.  E.g. if you unlocked it at 5.0 and you upgraded to 5.1, the unlock will be gone and you are back to a locked Rogers iPhone.

  • Alex Sebenski

    The Rogers rep was likely talking about the jailbreaking way of upgrading (ultrasn0w) which you can do yourself for free while only at lower firmware versions, and updating will remove that unlock.

    This post is about an official, permanent unlock that will last between firmware upgrades forever.

  • Uncle3

    I’m pretty sure the rep wasn’t talking about a JB unlock method.  But thanks for clarifying.  This is great.


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  • iamlynda

    do you have to go into a rogers shop or can this be done over the phone or on-line?

  • It’s done online, you need to call Rogers.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh but how will they approach those with retention plans?

  • KnightFire

    My wife bought her iPhone 4S at a Canadian Apple dealership activated on Rogers – is it already unlocked?

  • No. Factory unlocked devices are those purchased from Apple Stores at unsubsidized prices.

  • Anonymous

    Unlocked my Rogers iPhone 3G a year ago so my wife could use it on telus. Went off without a hitch. Took about 30 min of navigating and waiting with rogers’ call centre. Cost me 50 bucks I think.

  • Londonfish

    Still have 18mos ith Telus, hopefully by that time Telus will have the same deal with Apple so I can change carrier. Or by that time I just buy a new iPhone 5 or 5S and join whatever carrier I like.

  • Unlocking by the carrier registers your IMEI as a non-SIM-locked phone. Your phone is permanantly unlocked.

    However, Roger$ will not unlock your phone until it is OUT OF CONTRACT, not in the last year as stated in the article.

  • Tbdharma

    Did this with my iP4 about a month ago. Was painless. Just told Rogers I have had enough and I wanted my phone unlocked to go elsewhere. Transferred me to another guy that confirmed my phone qualified, told me a $50 charge would be added to my account, waited a couple of minutes then I was told good to go. Next time I did a full restore on iTunes it is unlocked…See ya!!

  • HeySamantha_

    False. I’m only a 1.5 years into my contract, last week I upgraded from my iphone4 to iphone4s and tonight I got my iphone4 unlocked and gave it to my mom on Bell after getting it unlocked. It was a breeze and took about an hour in total. That includes going to Bell and coming home, as well.

  • roadcarver

    Thanks Alex!

  • Jd2157

    Got Rogers to unlock my iPhone 4 in Dec 2011. 
    – First, since I didn’t have a Rogers acct, I got the phone’s IMEI number registered to my brothers postpaid Rogers acct (better chance than with a prepaid acct since postpaid customers tend to get treated better). 
    – Second, waited 30 days; they won’t unlock until the IMEI has been registered for at least that long. 
    – Third, called them, they verified the phone didn’t come from an account in arrears, then charged $50 to my brother’s account and said it was unlocked.
    – Fourth, I plugged the phone into iTunes with a non-Rogers SIM and got the unlock message.

    This is the first of 3 (used) iPhones I’m aware of that Rogers has unlocked. The others came from sellers that didn’t complete their contracts so Rogers will never unlock them… problem is it’s very hard to find that out from the seller and Rogers (although some of their unlock dept will lookup an IMEI to see if it’s eligible for unlocking).

  • This is helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sorry.. one exception: if you upgrade to another subsidized phone and extend your contract, the contract is removed from the other device and you will be able to unlock the old one.

    I paid the full price and got an unlocked phone so they absolutely refused to unlock my old one until the contract fully runs out.

  • Anonymous

    Tried to unlock my iPhone 4 with Fido before selling it in October. I was 10 months into my contract and was told I could only unlock it after my contract was complete, that is after the whole 3 years went by.

    I called a couple of times hoping to find a rep who would do it but had no luck at all.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know if you have to completely wipe your iPhone after this to get it to work?  I’m wondering if the following is would work:
    1. Backup iPhone to iTunes
    2. Follow steps to get unlock
    3. Restore backup from iTunes

    Would that get you an unlocked iPhone in the same state as it was before the lock?  Or would restoring a backup also put the lock back?  I’m thinking about stuff like application data and the like that would be lost in the transition.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • CP

    Called Rogers right now. They said they wouldn’t unlock my iPhone until I was out of contract. My only options were to cancel my contract or opt for the hardware upgrade. The latter option would take my current device out of contract and therefore be eligible for unlocking.

    Makes sense to me since Rogers paid the subsidy for my iPhone. Why should they let me go before I’ve paid in full?

  • Anon

    Yes, you obviously can get your apps/data back if you do a backup.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think I stated my question clearly.  I’m talking about doing a restore from backup after unlocking.  I know that using that method will restore application-based data (take a simple example: Angry Birds unlocked levels, scores, etc).  What I’m asking is if I do that will I “undo” the unlock because the backup came from a locked phone.

  • roadcarver

    I bought my phone from another person a little over a year ago.  I tried to unlock it by calling Rogers and unfortunately, the phone itself was still under contract and flagged as in arrears.  I will have to wait until 2014 when that contract runs out to unlock it.  Oh well.

  • jfmartel

    What if you break your contrat and pay the penalty? Can it be unlocked?

  • Hi,

    I’m Nicolas from Rogers Social Media team.

    I wanted to bring some clarifications regarding our unlocking policy.

    In order to have a device unlocked, a customer’s account must be in
    good standing, not subject to a Commitment Period. For example, unlocking will
    be available if a customer pays the total unsubsidized, or no term cost of the
    handset, or their Commitment Period has been expired.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us @RogersHelps


    | Rogers Social Media team

  • Piaax3

    I was able to unlock my Rogers subsidized iPhone 4S.    It’s complicated but it worked.

  • Anonymous

     Just called Fido for the 3GS that I ended the contract early and paid all ETFs, to transfer to another carrier, i.e. I’m no longer with Fido.

    The rep said you have to add your device’s IMEI to another Fido customer’s account (one that’s “in good standing”). This shouldn’t change their plan at all, i.e. no activation needed, no additional plans or charges. After 30 days (1 billing cycle), they would be able to request an unlock, the $50 is charged to their account, you pay them back.

    Supposedly this is to ensure proper billing. I pointed out we should be allowed to just go a Fido outlet and pay on the spot, the rep agreed that made sense but Rogers/Fido just don’t allow that. I suppose that’s to prevent fraudulent chargebacks, but still annoying to have this delay.

  • Dev

    Hi i have iphone 4 rogers  not under contract can you unlock reply me at

  • Samrooke

    Your phone will stay unlocked. It’s a permanent unlock

  • Dulan Ds

    what is ur email??? i wanna contact with u..

  • Audilemansquattro

    Hi there- I wanted to know if anyone had recently received an unlock to their Iphone from rogers and If there is any info on getting a iphone waaaay out of contract unlocked? I tried to get mine unlocked with the help of a friend who sold me hers, unfortunately it was no success since she left rogers and I’m now in the U.S with it. 

  • D Ark_xxx

    hello can you help me to unlock my iphone4  fido carrier………. am here now in dubai

  • Elite074

    How can I unlock iphone 4 from Rogers Canada, Version 5.0.1, Carrier Lab 11.0, Serial No 8610122TA4T, Model MC605C, IMEI 012542000764883

  • Rohit

    I am having Iphone 4 with rogers and I brought it from ebay. So I havent any contract with rogers for this iphone4 but I am still using Rogers service.
    Could I am aboe to unlock my phone?

  • Ex

    Probably not but call them and try anyway.

  • Rohit

    I am very thankful to anyone who let me know how to register IEMI number with rogers post paid account.
    Please reply me soon as my contract going to over in soon.

  • Imrankarim198

    i have a bell canada iphone 4 can you let me know if you can unlock the phone?

  • Since Rogers is GSM and Telus is CDMA and a 3G iPhone is either GSM or CDMA what your saying is not possible.

  • Captorian

    Uh, welcome to the future. Telus in not CDMA only. Way to research.

  • Captorian

    Oh, and the phone is still running on Telus.

  • Captorian

    Probably worth telling you that the iPhone 3G never had a CDMA variant.

  • hussam

    hi. My uncle bought an iphone from canada. NOw iphone is in pakistan. total payment has been paid. tell me now how can i get my iphone 4 factory unlock( ios 5.0.1 baseband 4.11.08)

  • Mohamad MirSajadi

    Hi Nicolas
    I bought a stock iphone 4 about 2 months ago , That locked to Rogers.
    I live in iran and i wrote E-mail twice to Rogers to unlock it but still no answer .
    Could i ask You to Help me please…..!!!!??

  • Mohamad MirSajadi

    Hi Nicolas
    i live in iran and my iphone 4 is locked to Rogers .
    Can You help me please to unlock it?

  • florihyraj

    Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
    Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
    Phone Support: No phone support
    Device IMEI: 012429005001091
    ICCID: 89302370201005767124
    Country Code: USA
    Purchase Country: CA
    Warranty: Out of Warranty
    Sell Type: t1
    Activated: Yes
    Registered: Yes
    Activation: 2012-01-03
    iOS version: 5.0.1
    Carrier: Fido CAN
    Simlock: Lock
    can it been unlocked? contact me at

  • P N

    I have 2 older Fido phones that have long not been on a contract anymore, which I would like to use overseas so family members can call be locally at local numbers while we are there. Why am I being asked to pay $50 per phone to obtain codes to remove a restriction, which was not imposed by me, or on my request? In my view those codes should be made available on request as soon as the subsidy/contract ends. Imposing a fee is not consistent with a fulfilled contract.

  • Marco Peperkamp

    Hi i amnew here. I am from the netherlands and could use some help. I bought an iphone 4 on ebay supposed to be unlocked. It mailfunctioned and was replaced by apple .onlylocked to fido. Orginal iphone was 2 years old. Try to knock but i can’t make a fido account. So looking for somebody to help me. I will pay for the costs .

  • user1234

    Dipshit, Telus is not CDMA only

  • UserJames81

    4nek8u DIPSHIT, you shouldn’t even be allowed to be on this forum because you obviously know nothing about phones and technologies. Welcome to the future.

  • Hussain

    Hi i live in Sri lanka and was gifted an i phone 4s by a friend who works for apple canada and he got the phone directly from apple not through a carrier. Since its factory unlocked i put in the local sim i use in Sri lanka but the phone said sim not valid so i got in touch with apple the said phone is locked to Fido. Is this possible since the phone was sent directly from apple canada. The apple customer support told me to get in touch with fido since they couldn’t do anything so i called they want me to pay $50 to unlock the phone also they say i need to have a fido account or they can’t do anything to help me i live on the other side of the planet and want to know how i could have a fido account? First apple product not having a good experience with apple.

  • Uh Telus is not CDMA only, they share a HSPA 3G network with Bell. Try acting smart somewhere else.

  • ixsellizer

    Hello i can help you all get your FIDO, ROGERS, and telus network locked phones unlock.
    i charge $160 for the unlock.
    but the unlock is guaranteed. if you are interested you can contact me on

  • Iunlocker

    guys i unlock iphone4/4s at reasonable prices n u’ll never get complaints or any problems from me i promise n hence if interested contact me at

  • kipper007

    I posted the following on another site. Hopefully it will save someone time and money!

    Seriously, Rogers are brutal. I am so upset with them, and I tell anyone that asks me about Rogers service what has happened to me. Be really careful if you buy a phone from someone. Rogers have a really backward retention policy and it totally screws people over. I bought a phone from someone after my 3G was nearly dead. I got an iPhone 4s and had 6 months left on my contract. I wanted a nice phone so that when my contract was over I could leave Rogers and go elseswere that is cheaper with hopefully better customer service. It turns out that the phone I bought was sold to a customer at a subsidies price and that contract was still live. Now I own the phone, but Rogers wont unlock it. I understand what Rogers are trying to do, but their method is totally backwards. If they need to lock the phone to a contract, it should be to a specific number so unaware people don’t fall into this trap. In addition the unclocking staff member was a pompus know it all and after being on the phone with them for 45 minutes I still am with Rogers. Do yourself a favor, don’t sign with Rogers. Maybe if they loose enough customers they will ammend their retention policy.

  • Vikrant

    You are totally right my friend. There policy is to make customer fool. If you buy telus phone. They will unlock it without any question.

  • venkatesh

    i have iphone 4 rogers .who to factory unlock my phone .

  • keyur

    i have i phone 4 rogers canada my friend have gifted me the phone it lock with your carrier
    he gave it to me last year but now i want to unlock the phone can i do this how much charge u will tack to unlock it please give me the reply

  • Amarinder

    How can u do it,pls tell me.Thanks.

  • Amarinder

    Please Tell Me How Did You Unlock Your iPhone 4

  • Amarinder

    How Can i Unlock My iPhone 4S, Lock To Rogers Canada.Please Help Me.

  • madyy

    Mail me if you want to unlock any iphone with Rogers or Fido
    No need to worry if its still under contract , doesnt matter ….
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  • madyy
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  • madyy

    mail me if you want to get it factory unlocked

  • madyy

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  • madyy

    If you still want to unlock
    Mail me

  • Colwood

    It took a bit of time and 56$ after tax.. And alot of worrying as I never got the unlocked message (Rogers) but I tried a bell sim couple hours later worked no problem then I put my Rogers sim back in (I did turn it off and back on to get it to work for bell. Very pleased (usedvic purchased iPhone and I’m on prepaid still got it done as last owner paid out contract

  • Ryan

    i have like 5 ihone fido and one roggers and i am looking to unlock them.
    is there any solution

  • Yes All Rogers, Fido Telus and Koodo can now be unlocked . Unfortunately Bell/Virgin cannot be done sad for them

  • unlocker

    official fido/rogers factory unlocking, contact

  • shivank

    how much money i should pay for factory unlocking iphone 4 rogers

  • don

    right now it costs like $130 USD or more

  • lazaro jesus

    hello! im traying to unlock my lg p690b-optimus-and i need a code -where i can find him free-whit out paiment -iam from cuba and the movile was buy in canada -is virgin-rogers-i i dont know how to do it?.please help me guys thankss

  • Alessandro

    Salve vivo in Italia e possibile sboccare il mio Iphone 4 16Gb Fido Canada IMEI 013125006621262 Grazie

  • Balak Dass

    I have had a Rogers connection for over 8 years with my iphone 3g being the most recent. The contract is at its end ( last few weeks), the phone still registered to Rogers and the account in good standing. Yet when I called Rogers to get my phone unlocked they wanted me to pay $50! Bought the phone for 299 three years ago, signed on for a mandatory data plan for $50 + a month and three years down the road they still want more money from me! DO NOT SIGN any contracts with Rogers as their policies are brutal. You can get much better service, more features and a lot less hassles by avoiding the “big bullies”.

  • Unhappy_with_rogers

    Hi Nicolas,

    Just saw your post and wanted to mention that you forgot something VERY IMPORTANT – Rogers wants their customers to PAY for the unlocking service AFTER having fulfilled the terms of the contract. Its akin to paying off your mortgage but not getting the keys to the house which will cost you extra????
    Rogers has no right to tell you what you can do with a device once the contract is fulfilled. They need to unlock the phones no questions asked.
    My advice to everyone – the company has lost its focus and has become arrogant ! ***DUMP ROGERS**

  • Ryans a tool

    stop stealing phones jackoff

  • Bhadresh

    Fido canada iphon 4 unlock

  • vishal

    can you u do unlock my roger iphone i have over 40 iphone

  • vishal

    hi nicolas

    i have roger iphone over 40

    need to unlock it how much cost for that

  • vishal

    dear sri
    i have roger over 40 iphone can you help for unlock

  • Faisal Iqbal Malik

    Hi Nicolas
    i live in Pakistan and my iphone 4S is locked to Rogers .
    Can You help me please to unlock it?
    pls contact me

  • ss

    i think they can do it via live chat now.

  • Dawn K

    I HATE Rogers, NEVER get a phone from them ever, please!!! I’ve been with Rogers for over two years now, I signed up for a 3 year contract with my husband. We found the perfect plan for us and it was truly awesome, we never came close to going over our data even if we tried. Then about 8 months ago we started going over ever single month on our data and were getting charged over $200 every month. After the first two months of that I knew something was up so I called Rogers and after talking to at least 5 people nobody gave me any information and said they can’t track what is using the data on iphones. We stopped doing anything on our phone, we exited all of our apps before going off wifi and still our 2gbs of data would be used up within a week of our new month billing cycle. Still they wouldn’t tell us anything and I had actually been screamed at by a couple Rogers employees when I asked how much it would be to cancel my contract. Eventually we had enough so we went in to a place in town here that deals with Rogers and asked to cancel our contracts. When the gentleman saw the papers of our contract he instantly said that that was not the contract we were on.. I said, How can that be if this is the one we signed up for? He said that maybe I talked to someone with Rogers on the phone when they were having a bad day and they changed our contract. HOW can they just do that?! I was so beyond angry I called and canceled my contract which finally ended the other day but now they won’t unlock my phone for 90 days. Are you kidding me? They screw me over over and over again and they still manage to do it again. I am going to find someone else to unlock my phone because I am beyond bitter… i will never ever give Rogers another cent.

  • Now that is frustrating!

  • Eddie Amaya

    Hello I live in Argentina, and I have a I phone 5 from Rogers, obviously is locked to this company. I would like to know if it’s anyway to unlocked , so I can use it in my country. Thanks

  • VBarber

    You can contact Fido by chat (after logging into your account) and they can go through the unlock questions/process in just a few minutes. Really easy and painless. It does cost $50. BYW – There are now many carriers in Canada and a handful in the US which offer this service. The Apple page has been updated with the list.

  • Publius

    Hi Nicolas, Same issue here as “Unhappy_with_rogers”.
    Why do I need to pay the 50$? For what ? My contracted ended, the phone is payed in full , paying every month , never late for the last 17 years and now I have to pay 50$ to Rogers to unlock a phone that I payed for?

    Please explain the rational behind this fee.

    Thank you

  • cheeta

    I obtained an iPhone 4 that is locked to Rogers Wireless from a friend in Canada. … I had recently heard about Rogers unlocking iPhones for a fee… need to know how my iPhone 4 become factory unlocked??? cheeta at gmail


    we can help you unlock your device, email us:

  • Drago

    Thank God im not Rogers customer

  • ameen

    hi..which website could it possible for unlocking iphone4 canada fido

  • CaptainObvious

    Listen you monkey, you want to unlock? google how to unlock or pay someone who knows how to unlock, for iphone it’s a matter of a jailbreak + a few extra apps that make your phone carrier-unlocked, and for android phones it’s either some software, playing around with the *#0011# settings, or simply paying an unlocking service like $6.99-$35 for a full carrier unlock code. Just do some work you greasy moron.

  • party

    Can you email me how this was done please –
    Thank you

  • khmerog

    Haha CaptainObvious obviously rules. I’m surprised in this day in age people still not know how to use Google to search for answers. There are many 3rd party unlocking services for like $10 that can unlock your smartphone.. I stint know about how much for the iPhone as I don’t own one as I am not a brainless douche bag.

  • khmerog

    Unfortunately us Canadians don’t have many service providers to choose from and from what I hear they are all the same and have similar shitty service and policy. So why don’t you people just buy the phone outright from the manufacturer or get it unlocked by a 3rd party and go on a pre pay plan.. Do you really need to spend $75 a month on phone service which you probably only do text messaging? There is WiFi all around us.. At work, at friends, restaurants and shipping centres. That is the only way we can really fight back as the 3 companies know that smartphones is a necessity and they can do whatever they want and raise their price whenever they want. It’s like the USA politics, left or right, Democrat or Republican.. they are both the same evil shit with the same agenda.

  • khmerog

    Dumbass.. Telus is not CDMA only. Sorry I had to join the bashing on 4nek8u. Why dont you just delete your comment? At least that way only a few people will know you’re a moron.

  • tahir


  • tahir

    (contact me (skype:unlock.handsets

    Mohamad MirSajadi

    3 years ago

    Hi Nicolas
    i live in iran and my iphone 4 is locked to Rogers .
    Can You help me please to unlock it?

  • Cherieann

    I’m having the same bullshit with Virgin Mobile now owned by Bell, just finding new ways each month to charge me double of what my bill should be. So disgusting!

  • Steve Hill

    File a complaint with the CRTC, I have file 2 and forced Rogers to respond both times.