Rogers, Telus and Bell Launch iPhone X Sale: Save $200 Off on 2-Year Terms


So after we posted about Koodo slashing iPhone X by $200 on contract, it appears the sale is across the board from the ‘Big 3’ and their flanker brands (for the most part). Normally, the iPhone X starts at $600 up front on contract, but prices are showing as $200 off at $400.

Telus is advertising iPhone X 64GB for $400 on a 2-year term, with a minimum $105 per month plan which includes 1GB of data.

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Rogers is advertising the 64GB iPhone X for $399 with a minimum $105 per month plan and 1GB of data and local calling. As for Fido, they have iPhone X for $399 on contract with a $110 per month plan which includes 5GB data and unlimited Canada-wide minutes.

Screenshot 2018 04 05 11 45 57

Bell and Virgin Mobile’s websites are not showing a discounted iPhone X on contract yet, but Best Buy is advertising iPhone X for $399.99 on Bell, with select 2-year plans.

Screenshot 2018 04 05 11 47 35

Again, we’re about halfway into the iPhone X life cycle, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing discounts on contract, as they will aim to boost sales during this typical lull period for iPhone, as people hold off for new models expected in the fall.

If you were about to sign an iPhone X two-year term anyways, this discount maybe be in your benefit. But for those able to buy a device outright and go with a BYOD plan, that’s where you can get a ‘deal’ usually, as your free agent status means jumping to the best offer available when it pops up.


  • Olley

    $105 per month plan and 1GB of data and local calling

    if you can afford this plan you can def buy iPhone X off contract.

  • Biren Patel

    All these comapnoes ripping off customers by there plan….105 plan you only get 1 gb

    While in other countries customers enjoys unlimated data with low rates.
    For example in India 42 gb for 28 days plan is only for 149 rs. Thats 4.00 CAD per month.

    I just dont understand why cellphone plan is expesive here ??

  • Willip

    Too much land and not enough population. They have to build a ton of cell towers to cover all this land, and there isn’t enough population to easily fund it all. India is a much smaller country with a much bigger population. Cell towers can be built cheaper

  • jay

    sure since nobody buys an iphone X

  • Tenjohn23

    Not really brother. It’s money. If that is the case than how come freedom mobile is charging way less like 10gb for 50$. We need more competition, but this big 3 companies are making harder for other small players to get in.

  • Biren Patel

    That means you are sure money we pay towards plan only goes to build cell tower. Not making cellphone companies richers.

    Let me tell you this,
    Rogers posted $2.189 billion in revenue first quarter of 2018
    To build one cell tower it cost 1,50,000
    You can make calculation yourself.

    I am not big fan of these companies

  • Chopra

    Biden, I just came back from India yes you can get cheap plans your also paying 500 dollars more for a iphone.

  • Wayne Robb

    We don’t have the population to support cheaper prices. That’s the only reason I can think of.

  • Lights_and_Shadows

    No sir, it’s not the “population”. We don’t have the.competition needed to generate these low prices. Tell CRTC to make it attractive for companies like Vodaphone and T-mobile in Canada and let’s see what happens with the prices..

  • Frank Urban

    Sorry, Biren it’s not as simple as that. I am not defending Rogers but $2.189 billion in revenue does not mean you can randomly construct cell $1.5 M towers all over the place. Using a single metric such as sales revenues to make investments would lead to immediate bankruptcy and then we would have less carriers. There is so much more than goes into investment decisions. Personally, I think they should build more towers but I don’t have the facts to justify it.

  • Salinger

    The major carriers cover only about 15% of Canada’s land mass, yet in so doing, cover 97%+ of the population. So population density, with regard to cellular coverage, isn’t calculated by the huge size of Canada, but rather the relatively small land area actually covered by cell towers. When you calculate the population density of the actual land area covered, the “big land, small population” argument loses most, if not all of its steam.

  • Salinger

    Agreed. You have only to look at an example here in Ontario. Thunder Bay, population just over 100k has some of the lowest cell prices in the country due to T-Bay Tel’s competition. Here in the GTA, with a population of over 6 million, we pay the top-tier prices because there’s no real alternative aside from Freedom.

  • Zyad Giliana

    Horrible deal…Roger,Telus and bell should be taken to court for stealing people’s hard earned money.

  • Tal

    You can’t compare 1.2 billion population with 35million . Indians companies offering cheap plan still making more profits than Canadian telecom all because of customer base. Secondly maintenance cost is a huge factor , in India weather allows you to work all year round and tons of cheap labor force whereas in Canada it’s cold most of the time which does not attract cheap force. In India basic monthly salary is 10k rupees which is just over $200 dollars Canadian. Your comparison is absolutely bogus.

  • Andy

    No one is forcing you to buy these things.
    I think Android Google phones are way better anyways.

  • Zyad Giliana

    Who cares what phone is better I’m talking phone plans are ridiculously high