Ryan Seacrest Invested $1M for This Physical Keyboard Case for the iPhone


Miss using a physical keyboard? Or want one for your iPhone? Ryan Seacrest apparently did, so he invested $1 million into the company The Typo Keyboard, which is set to debut their new physical keyboard case at 2013 CES in Las Vegas.

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According to Kara Swisher from AllThingsD, Seacrest, one of the founders of the company, has invested over $1 million to get this project off the ground:

While the company declined to discuss funding, sources said that Seacrest and his co-founder have invested over $1 million, and expect to invest more than $5 million, with future keyboard products in development.

The story goes Seacrest was tired of carrying two phones—one for typing and an iPhone for everything else. So two years later, we now have The Typo Keyboard case, which looks like a BlackBerry keyboard attached to the bottom of your iPhone. The keyboard is backlit and connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The case is taking pre-orders for $99 for the iPhone 5 and 5S version, expected to ship in January 2014. Check out the demo video below:

Is this something you’d be interested in? The things people do to bring a physical keyboard to the iPhone (#firstworldproblems).


  • Olley

    fucking gross.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    isn’t the iPhone long enough? maybe on landscape mode

  • Al

    Oh great. That should make it easier to type in your lock password, since the keyboard BLOCKS THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR! Sheesh. How long before the bottom right, itsy-bitsy home button gets warn out … breaks … falls off.

  • Nigleet

    This just made my day. Lol

  • Wow. He was that frustrated with the touch keyboard that he carried around two phones? I wonder how much of a chance he gave it. I can see how it might be annoying at first, but I’ve quite gotten used to it and actually quite like it now.

  • Kirk

    I just have to say reading all of these comments below made me laugh my ass off because I totally agree with them… ROFL…

  • Peter B

    Why does this feel like an April fools story?

  • SadFace

    Going to ZERO…Seacrest OUT.

    At least he’s rich… lol actually his name alone may be enough publicity for these things to sell. But it is so hideous and destroys the iPhone form factor. I can see Jony buying a bunch to burn them. So bad…

    As others have said, if you still feel you need a physical keyboard get a damn BB Q10. It’s a great device if the keyboard is a selling point for you.

  • dikasatrio

    it’s.. low, even for me, not an iphone user