Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Will Reportedly Copy the iPhone’s Touch ID Sensor


According to SamMobile, ‘highly credible sources’ inform the site Samsung’s next fingerprint sensor implementation on the upcoming Galaxy S6 will move to a touch-based sensor, just like Touch ID on the iPhone, instead of their current crappy swipe sensor:

Nonetheless, highly credible sources tell SamMobile that Samsung is ditching the swipe-based fingerprint sensor for a touch-based sensor for its next generation Galaxy S device. Furthermore, the sensor will work in the same manner as on the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 Plus, sources confirm. Which means you will be able to enroll an entire fingerprint, unlike the swipe-based sensor, which only partially registered a fingerprint.

Honestly, what took Samsung so long to do this? The company must be falling behind!




  • Shameer Mulji

    Gee, why am I not surprised.

  • Dave


  • Crosseyedmofo

    but i thought their last print sensor was better?/s

  • Pete

    Ha. And people said Apple building bigger screens meant Samsung was the innovator.

  • Shane

    They have to copy this one. Their swipe fingerprint sensor is garbage

  • OliChabot

    I laugh evey time I hear this one.

  • Salinger

    I love the derision people heap on Samsung when they hear something like this.

    Apple’s “innovative” notification centre anyone? One of the best iOS improvements ever. It’s something Android had for years and was copied almost identically by Apple. And that’s just one example. They all copy from each other which in the end, gives all of us a better consumer experience.

    …and I say that as a happy iPhone 6 user.

  • Ryan

    Actually, this was available to the Jailbreak community before even Samsung had it implemented!

  • IS

    1. Developers in jailbreak community did. NOT Apple. Apple copied the feature from either Android or Jailbreak community. NOT their original.
    2. It was already a part of android feature back then.

  • Rohith

    You know I saw a house down the street that looks just like mine. Those builders should be sued for copying my design.

  • Scr-U-gle

    1. Android copied iOS jailbreak, pretended to do it first.
    2. Sounds familiar….