Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Convinces iPhone User to Switch During Flight [VIDEO]


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The latest Samsung ad titled “Flight Chat” touts the features of their flagship Galaxy S4 against the iPhone. The ad takes place on a flight where one passenger with the Galaxy S4 touts features such as ‘Simple Mode’ (to make the phone easier to use), ‘Smart Switch’ (to easily switch over to the device), and ‘the eye thing’ (where videos pause when you look away) to the passenger next to him, an iPhone user. These three simple features easily switch over the iPhone user, who just can’t resist video pausing by looking away.

Check it out below and tell us what you think:

Earlier today it was revealed by AnandTech that Samsung optimizes its CPUs and GPUs to run on max specifically to pad up performance benchmarks (via The Loop), as a string of code was found called “BenchmarkBooster”:

What this does mean however is that you should be careful about comparing Exynos 5 Octa based Galaxy S 4s using any of the affected benchmarks to other devices and drawing conclusions based on that. This seems to be purely an optimization to produce repeatable (and high) results in CPU tests, and deliver the highest possible GPU performance benchmarks.

Food for thought the next time you look at Galaxy S4 benchmarks.


  • FragilityG4

    Biggest selling point in this video “the eye thing” …

  • sukisszoze

    The eye thing is pretty useful..wonder if iOS will add something similar…call it “The ‘i’ thing”..ha.ha

  • WatDah

    Unfortunately that’s also where it fails. All of my friends who is using a S4 tells me the eye thing doesn’t work well at all. Maybe 2-3 out of 10 times. I also tried it myself.

  • FragilityG4

    I tried it for the scrolling while reading … It actually worked pretty well the only problem is I have a tendency of shifting my eyes around while reading so it forced me to concentrate on not moving my eyes … I guess that’s a good thing in the long run!

  • The irony? S4 sales have slowed incredibly since its launch. Not saying it’s not a good phone, it definitely is, but it still doesn’t outsell the iPhone. Can’t wait to see what Apple has planned for the fall!

  • djepsilon

    Two things:
    1. Just a thought, but you may want to try adding one or two FEMALE users in your commercials Samsung. If all you want to do is sell phones to all the male virgins of the world, mission accomplished.

    2. That ginger ale bit literally takes up about 15/60 seconds of this video. WTF does it have to do with ANYTHING?

  • Humour of course! When there is nothing else to really talk about.

  • Bigger story: Samsung put the Galaxy S4 on ‘steroids’ when people run benchmarks. For shame. Same story, same Samesung.

  • Salvador

    I think the eye-thing is something nice but useless. It’s not good for your vision to keep your eyes long time on the phone screen. It’s always recommended every few minutes to move your eyes away for a few seconds . The fact of moving your eyes away doesn’t mean you’ll miss something important, you will continue listening the audio. Samsung loves to add/promote nice-useless features like being able to watch a video at same time of browsing photos. The brain is not able to process both task at same time at 100%.