Samsung Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Samsung Pay [PICS]


Samsung has announced its new flagship phones today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are now consist of a metal frame, housed by Gorilla Glass 4 on both sides, in a slimmer and lighter design and wireless charging.

Here are the hardware specs (via TechCrunch):

  • 5.1-inch 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display with 577 ppi
  • Exynos Octacore processor, 3GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • 32/64/128GB UFS 2.0 internal storage
  • Android 5.0
  • F/1.9 16MP rear camera with optical image stabilization and live HDR
  • F/1.9 5MP front camera with live HDR
  • Category 6 LTE with 300 Mbps down/50 Mbps up max theoretical speeds
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 AC with HT80 MIMO, Bluetooth LE, NFC, IR blaster
  • 2,550mAh (GS6) and 2,600mAh (GS6 edge) batteries
  • Available in April in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB

Gone is the removable back, battery, SD card slot and waterproofing.

As expected, both phones come with a new revamped touch-based fingerprint sensor, similar to Apple’s Touch ID.

Check out some first hands-on images below via The Verge, which says “similarities to the iPhone 6 are undeniable”:

samsung galaxy s6

Galaxys6 9 0

Galaxys6 18 0

Here are some hands-on videos from The Verge:

Galaxy S6 Edge:

Samsung also announced their Apple Pay competitor, ‘Samsung Pay’ (interesting choice of name), which will utilize technology from its recent acquisition of LoopPay. Samsung Pay will use NFC (and utilize tokenization like Apple Pay for security) and can also ‘talk’ to magnetic stripe card readers, set for a summer launch in the U.S. and South Korea, with further expansion pegged for Europe and China. It will only be available to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Here’s how Samsung Pay will work: users swipe up from the device’s bezel, which launches the Samsung Pay app. Users then choose their mobile payment method, then use the new fingerprint sensor to authenticate (like Apple Pay) the transaction, then users need to tap their phone to the merchant’s point-of-sale terminal.

Samsung has long been criticized for making its former Galaxy phones out of cheap plastic. That is no longer the case with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which actually brings a premium look to the devices, something iPhone owners have long experienced.

No prices were announced today by Samsung. I have a hunch they will be priced the same or higher to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on subsidized contracts.

What do you think of these new phones from Samsung?


  • Tim

    The wireless charging and night mode would be beneficial to the iphone. Don’t really care for the curved edges

  • OliChabot

    Those similarities with Apple are just becoming ridiculous.

  • C Dugga

    Like Apple hasn’t taken cues from Samsung with going big on the iPhone 6+…OUTTA HERE WIT DAT MESS!!!

  • Lol

  • jon

    Both models seem to be excellent based on the specs and design, but as a current GS4 owner, they shouldve kept the micro sd card slot

  • Roy

    They suck iPhone all the way

  • Anthony

    Hardly the same thing. I wonder if Samsung would be proud of that lol. That’s our contribution to the smart phone era, a bigger screen size.

  • Jen H

    For people bashing Samsung about Apple similarities… one thing to keep in mind is that, in the world we live in today, copying one another is inevitable. Just take a look at cars. Not many brands have models that keep their distinct look anymore. Sure, Samsung may appear to be copying Apple, but Apple isn’t the only phone company out there, right? Other major phone companies have also been copying each other in other ways, whether software/hardware/design.

  • Kirk

    Right down to the name “Samsung Pay”..

  • C Dugga

    As if Apple’s innovation is all their own. They have bought more companies to date than any tech company around. So don’t go there unless you have references to what you’re saying.

  • You make a good point. Except with Samsung they conveniently tout new features and design after Apple’s initial release of the same thing.

    Samsung Pay? Fingerprint authentication? What a coincidence in the name and implementation!

  • Shane

    Samsung pay? Seriously?? Come on…did they even attempt to think of a different name?

  • ShaBi

    Up vote if you see black and blue.

  • fmradio68

    Or iPhone 6 taking cues from the HTC ONE M8.

  • #teamblackandblue

  • Pete

    Jen that is a very valid point. I am a designer and I believe that design does not always have to be original. Design can come from inspiration, but at the same time, there must be a reason on why there is a new design, such as what makes it better than the original, or what improvements are in the new one etc. So, with that in my mind, I do not think Samsung have convinced me when they announced that they have come up with a “new design”, but with the exact same bottom bar with the iPhone. I mean, there is at least one other way to do it… right?

  • OliChabot

    Putting bigger screens on phones to meet the customer requirements and needs has noting to do with copying Samsung, Samsung just created the need of a bigger screen, same with Apple creating the need of smartphones, tablets, and now smart watches. But they surely copy the aluminium/glass trend. I mean even the bezels ands the speakers grille looks identical, they could have made an effort. Same with the name they use for their payments service. Dont get me wrong its good for Samsung, it just proves they suck at R&D and design but they exceed at taking other people ideas.

  • Mark

    1. Swipe up from the bezel – opens the Pay app
    2. Choose method
    3. Authenticate with fingerprint
    4. Tap payment terminal

    1. Put finger on the fingerprint scanner
    2. Move phone near the terminal
    – OR –
    1. Put products in the virtual basket within a shopping app
    2. Select to pay with Apple Pay
    3. Put finger on the fingerprint scanner
    – AND –
    1. Apple doesn’t collect your purchase information: they don’t care
    2. It also works with Apple Watch

  • Mark

    Screens have become bigger throughout the years, and Apple is just listening to customer demand. NO WONDER THEY SOLD SO MANY IPHONES!

  • Mark

    Oh yes, the iPhone 6 has a curved back, flat sides, a speaker grille on the front side and a button on top! It looks exactly the same is the HTC One M8… Don’t forget that the rounded corners have featured on the iPhone since the first iPhone, so they surely didn’t copy that from the M8. So please tell me, in what sense does the iPhone 6 look like the M8?!

  • Mark

    Go where? A company invents something, Apple buys that company, so Apple has the right to use their technology; don’t they?!

  • Mark

    Some sort of night mode is available on the iPhone:

    Wireless charging would be ncie, but the current implementations are just not mature enough. You have to place your phone on precisely the right spot, otherwise it doesn’t work. I hope Apple is going to implement it one day, but with a more mature implementation.

  • Jono

    Anyone else think that the iPhone just finally got beat ?

    The curved screen is amazing just look at how it slides colours along with a notification it’s sick.

  • Salinger

    You’re kidding right, Gary? Apple is KING of touting “new, innovative and magical” features that have been on Android for years.

  • ShaBi

    If anything it made me love my iPhone more. So simple yet fully functional with no hiccups. But that’s just me.

    The color notifications are really nice, but no real use unless the phone is turned upside down with the back facing up. Something that most people very rarely do. I personally will never do that.

  • Peter Puck

    The shameless aping of the iPhone is about to become their undoing. Sealing the phone’s case has the GalaxyBoys frothing in the forums and taking sacred vows to go elsewhere in search of replaceable batteries and memory cards. While they fill the coffers of HTC, Xaomi, or whoever else, Samsung will choke on a mountain of unsold product.

  • Mike

    So where are the similarities? Apple didn’t invent a shape, they didn’t invent plastic, glass or metal. They didn’t invent pay systems, they didn’t invent gestures or touch screens…

    Where’s apple’s phone with a curved display? oh….there ISN’T one.

    It’s time to stop whining about Apple being behind. Because the truth is Apple doesn’t care about you, Mr.First World living in a saturated market place. They’re too busy enjoying new markets in China to care about you wanting something innovative. It’s all about the Benjamin’s.

    You can bet the S6 Edge will be the big seller. And the Iphone doesn’t look anything like it….Oh wait, it has glass and metal…STOLEN IDEASSSSSSS!!! lol

    You should be commending Samsung, it may finally get Apple off their lazy butt’s and give you something actually better than your Iphone 6 or should I say….regurgitated Iphone 4.

    At least Samsung realized they can’t slap the ball down another street with the same hockey stick the 4th time around, and reinvented their product.

    Apple….Not so much.

    But hey, I hear Apple will have a curved display in the next iphone….Wait say whaaaaaat?

  • Mike

    How easily you forget the commercial Apple played for months, showing why they strategically chose to have a smaller display, because of the size of a hand and the reach of a thumb for single hand use.

    “It just makes sense”

    Which was pretty much calling anyone that want’s a bigger screen stupid…

    Theeeeeeeeeeeeen they shot themselves in the face and made phones with bigger screens.

    Sucks when Apple follows behind someone eh….

  • Mike

    no hiccups?

    Come join us normal Iphone users who’s phone crashes, blacks out, locks up, or slows down after an update.

    128Gig S6 Edge in Gold Platinum.

    Yes please.

    My Iphone can then become a glove box music player.

  • Mike

    Thank you.

    It’s amazing how oblivious many Apple users are. And yes, I’m painting a painfully obvious generalization.

    But I stick to it.

  • Mike

    Explain how the S6 Edge and the Iphone are Similar.

    Because the fact they’re both rectangular.

    Oh wait, Apple doesn’t have an Iphone with a curved display.

    Nevermind. Moving on…..

  • Samsung removed their removable back, replaceable battery, microSD card, waterproofing. This is a travesty considering Samsung touted these features as advantages over iPhone, but now they are just gone. They also replaced the S5’s lackluster swipe-based fingerprint reader after one generation, to a touch-based sensor first found in the iPhone 5s.

    Apple did tout the smaller screen as an advantage in ads. But it was later revealed they had been testing screens in numerous sizes, but only released the 6 and 6 Plus when battery constraints were solved. Both companies of course have to market their strengths right?

    As for the S6 edge, it looks neat but is it worth it for $100 more? In the words of Gruber, “welcome to 2007” in terms of Samsung’s latest design.

  • Mike

    Ahhhh, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. One would be foolish to assume a company can give them everything.

    Apple has never had an microSD card, removable back or replaceable battery, so the fact Samsung removed those features if anything puts them on par WITH Apple. This isn’t accepting defeat and not providing those features anymore, it’s about revising a whole design within a small time frame. What will you say next year when an SD card comes back, or the battery, or waterproofing?

    If you think the S6 Edge looks like 2007 Design. I point you back to the top phones in 2007.

    The first Iphone, Nokia N95, Blackberry Curve 8300, Helio Ocean, and Motorola Razr2.

    The fact you would even try to categorize the first dual curved display smartphone as an old dated design. Just goes to show your blind hatred.

    If I wanted to go back to 2007 in terms of styling, I’d get an Iphone 6, because honestly….It’s the same regurgitated phone…with a few botox injections.

    Enjoy your opinion of Samsung’s latest design being dated. Not a single tech reviewer agree’s with you. Infact, they think the complete opposite.


  • “The flat S6 looks like the lovechild of an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6, while the S6 Edge is a little more distinctive.”


    -The Verge

  • Pete

    There are tons of information on the web that explain why people think that Samsung “borrowed” the design and idea from Apple, but if you still insist that did not happen, then I have nothing to say….

  • May

    I’m a Samsung LOVER, I can’t EVER imagine myself going back to iPhones, but there is no denying that the design similarities with the iPhone 6 are UNCANNY and I hate that coz I hate the design of the iPhone 6. I was fine with the plastic body with the SD card slot ,people kept whining and asking for metal body and they got it at the cost of eliminating removable battery, SD card slot and waterproofing so deal with it but personally I still love samsung and their phones . Yes the S6 looks like an iPhone 6 but the specs of the s6 are CRAZY good and let me remind all the S6 haters about the iPhone, remember how long it took apple to introduce something as simple as cut, copy and paste?? I do, 3 generations of the iPhones. Again its true that samsung copied the design of the iPhone BUT apple would still need a decade to get to the level of the s6 in terms of the specs and to me thats what matters. I LOVE THE S6, I just genuinely hate the look of iPhones and wish if samsung used ANY design other the iPhone’s design.

  • FragilityG4

    How is removing those features not accepting defeat? SD slot, removable battery (see wall huger ad) and plastic casing have been one of Samsungs main selling points over the years. They removed them because on the back of Apples success they have come to realise that consumers can do without them and they prefer sleeker, thiner phones with better design. You and every other fAndroid are quick to point out that Apple accepted defeat on screen size with the 6 and 6 Plus, which they did … But man did you guys love your SD slot, removable battery and plastic casing.

  • FragilityG4

    Here is a benefit to the consumer and retailer when it comes to “taking so long to add features” If you give people what they want all in one shot how can you possibly get them to buy more? As a customer if I got everything in my phone in one phone where is the incentive for me to buy another? What will hype me up for the next release? Samsung has given everything to their customers as far back as the S3 and have failed to really generate any new buzz since then.

    Their model was lets hit them with everything, get them in the Samsung world and hope they entrench themselves for years to come. This has lead to their recent declining profits from the mobile division.

    Apple on the other hand tries to release each phone/OS each year with one major selling point that is the focus, this model is a way to grow their business by creating an environment of trust with their customers, and recent numbers confirms this. After all its not everyday you sell 75 million phones in one quarter capping the most successful business quarter of all time.

  • Chris

    Says the iPhone user with the jail broken phone

  • Mike

    Can’t quote on what samsung users love, I own an Iphone which will soon be a mobile music player in my glove box. With an S6 Edge taking it’s place.

    I’m a tech lover, I enjoy both sides. Apple had their time to shine 5 years ago, since then….well, they’re not doing much of anything.

  • Mike

    We’re discussing the Edge.

    May I refer to the quote from the article which specifically states “the flat S6”

    May I also point out, Apple has chosen litigation on numerous occasions for something as simple as their Iphone being rectangular with rounded edges.

    If you’d wish to point out the similarities with the S6E and the Iphone 6 please continu…..wait, never mind, Apple doesn’t have an Iphone with a curved screen.

    Moving on…..

  • FragilityG4

    What is Samsung doing that’s so groundbreaking that it captures your tech mind? Curved glass? What’s it’s function? How is it better? Is it for more than looks? Can you put the phone in a case? If Samsung is so far ahead why do they keep taking Apple designs and ideas?

  • FragilityG4

    By the way Henry Ford did not invent the car.

  • Mark

    I still think that 3.5″ and 4″ displays are great! But back then, phones were used like phones and just some occasional gaming. That’s changed so the demands changed!

  • Mark

    Samsung innovating? Bitch, please! Since when does Samsung innovate? Samsung is a company that takes other companies’ ideas and makes something similar, generally for a lower price. Just look at the first Galaxy S and the Galaxy S6, they’re straight up copies of iPhones! The only difference is that Samsung has betrayed their buyers by making the phone even more expensive than iPhones. For years, Samsung has been bragging about how their battery and storage were replacable, and now they ditched that, just to make it look more like an iPhone.

    Just… Look at the S6, look at how many things they copied from the iPhone! And you dare to say that using a different screensize is oh so bad because Samsung did that before Apple?!

  • Noog

    Can someone explain to me the benefit of this curved display people keep going on about?