Could Samsung’s Next Phone Feature a Synaptics In-Display Fingerprint Reader?


Fingerprint sensor manufacturer Synaptics just announced that it has begun mass production with a top-five OEM to produce its new Clear ID FS9500 in-display fingerprint sensor.

While the announcement did not specify the specific OEM, it could be Samsung since it is preparing to launch the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ early next year.

Considering that the company mentioned top 5 OEMs, it could be Samsung, Apple and Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO. There’s a good chance that it isn’t Apple since it is working hard on making Face ID the next big thing and is preparing to make it better on the iPhone X and other upcoming iPhones. Introducing Touch ID under the display would make Face ID almost redundant.

Synaptics’ prior history of working with Samsung and the specific mention of “OLED infinity displays” in Synaptics’ press release (Samsung calls its bezel-less Galaxy S8 and Note 8 screens “infinity displays”) suggests that the two companies might once again be working together.

Right now, it’s too early to say whether the Samsung Galaxy S9 will indeed feature an in-display fingerprint reader from Synaptics. The S9 unveiling is only a few months away, and Samsung may not want to make last-minute changes to its flagship smartphone.

Synaptics has been working on an in-display fingerprint reader for quite some time, and the company’s first project, the Clear ID-FS9100, was announced late last year.


  • FragilityG4

    I do not miss the finger print reader at all. Face ID is so much faster and convenient. By the time I have the phone towards me it’s unlocked. It works with my hat and shades on and I have attention awareness active. It adds another layer of security on auto fill passwords. My notifications are hidden until it sees my face. YES it works with it sitting on my desk on an angle. It works so perfectly with Apple Pay. Honestly with all the pessimism that was surrounding this after the announcement I also became a little unsure. After watching the vloggers show it off I was sure it would suffice. Now having it for a week I could never go back to a finger print reader— even one under the glass.

  • Léon

    I wouldn’t mind having both under-the-screen Touch ID and Face ID on the future iPhone. It may seem redundant but I see it as an additional layer of security similar to having a passcode alongside a biometric security. Also, there are some areas that their functionally doesn’t overlap and are actually complementary to each other.

  • Kirk

    Hmmm…interesting. Well speculation aside, Samsung would certainly pull something like this just to “stick it” to Apple. Not going to lie though, I really did hope at first that Touch ID would remain under the screen of the iPhone X. But I guess I’ll try and let Face ID prove me wrong….TRY LOL…

  • raslucas

    FaceID being standard for all Apple devices would be really great. TouchID certainly does work well on a phone but isn’t it a little awkward for computers? Not to mention it doesn’t really work for iMacs.

    Bringing the iPhone X tech to laptops and iMacs just makes sense.

  • Flash

    Have you tried it yet? It really is really good – your don’t even know your phone is locked most of the time that’s how fast it is and now I don’t always have to clean the sensor or my finger of it has a bit of crud on it.

  • Kirk

    Very valid points. Haven’t setup Face ID with my face, but played around with a demo at Rogers.

  • Sean