Samsung Violates Apple’s Bounce-back Patent, Tokyo Court Finds


A number of Samsung smartphones violate Apple’s so-called “rubber-banding” (or “bounce-back”) patent, a Tokyo court found, according to a Reuters report.
The Tokyo patent infringement case is part of Apple’s global fight against Samsung as the two companies seek to dominate the mobile market. According to the court’s findings, older versions of Samsung’s smartphone user interface violate Apple’s patent, as they mimic a feature the Cupertino company has patented as bounce-back.


Although Samsung has already changed the user interface of recent smartphone models, Apple said Samsung had copied the bounce-back feature, and now the Tokyo court has ratified that claim.

Apple’s “rubber-banding” patent — asserted successfully against Samsung in the patent infringement trial of the twenty-first century — has been under scrutiny lately, as it has been re-examined as a result of an anonymous request submitted last year.

The result of the re-examination had a positive outcome for Apple, as the US Patent and Trademark Office has notified Apple that the key claim of US Patent No. 7,469,381 is valid.


  • Mike

    Apple should be careful considering almost every cell phone maker is now with them or ahead of them in software technology. All cell phone companies copies each other’s great ideas and changes them slightly and I don’t see why that is an issue. Its the people who lose out, not samsung or apple. And no, people don’t purchase phones because of dumb features like this, didn’t even know it had the option when I bought it

  • mcfilmmakers

    Patents should be abolished. Only trademarks should really be important.

  • Chrome262

    this is a software issue, but in general the truth is its not just Samsung coping Apple there are tons of companies constantly coping other companies, who actually innovate. MS, IBM and others are doing the same thing in terms of law suits. It’s a huge problem, MS alone looses billions in copied software in China. Not counting the rest of Asia. It is an old problem where knockoffs are accepted and then the attitude rolls in to legit companies. Over time they just keep doing it and you have large companies like Samsung still practicing the knockoff. When they finally gain a foot hold in the market they start licensing and creating differences, but then they have to deal with pass miss deeds. Patent system should be reveiwed but its then only thing keeping some peoples stuff safe.

  • Mike

    This particular feature is more of a no brainer then anything. Its like someone trying to patent home or back button. How many different options are there once you hit the bottom of a page?