Saskatchewan Police Issued 246 Tickets in October For Using Cellphone While Driving



According to information from the government’s insurance agency, Saskatchewan drivers continue to use their cellphones while driving.

In the month of October, Saskatchewan police issued 246 tickets for using a cellphone while driving and 151 tickets for driving without due care and attention. In October, police were focused on distracted driving, and in November they are focusing on safe winter driving.

The number one killer of teens in Canada are auto collisions, making distracted driving a major issue for young adults. Young adults only make up 13 percent of licensed drivers in Canada. Even though that number is low, young drivers still account for one in every four road-related injuries and fatalities.

[via CBC]


  • Ashley Mann

    246 tickets x $280 fine = $68,880

    Nice. Just from distracted driving. I wonder what that money is going to buy? Any ideas?

  • Shameer Mulji

    A whole lotta donuts.

  • xxxJDxxx

    It’s going to make up part of some wealthy person’s bonus cheque.