Saturday Grilling: iPhone 4 vs Windows Phone 7 vs Android


The best way to advertise your product on the Internet is to come up with an innovative video that will go viral. How about one that involves GRILLING smartphones? Yes, you read that correctly. The folks at EZ Grill decided to grill an iPhone 4, Windows Phone 7, and Android phone on their portable grills.

Which smartphone is the ‘hottest’ right now? You’ve seen how smartphone owners view each other already. Here’s some more fuel to the fire:

MMmmm…medium rare iPhone 4…

[EZ Grill]


  • how to waist 1800$

  • What that little animation of that guy pops in near the end “toasty!” I bursted out in laughter.
    Was cool to see the battery blow out and enrage the fire too.

  • KIng

    Funny lol

  • It’s pretty crazy. Can’t stop crazy people and their attempts at viral
    videos though eh

  • It did get you guys to post it, didn’t it. 1800$ well spent!

  • Anonymous

    True. Either way, we got to live vicariously though these BBQ masters. Thx guys!

  • iPhone Whiz

    glad none of them exploded like HP.

  • gordunramsie

    I hope they were wearing protect gear!

  • Busdriver675

    What a waste. Stupid.

  • Metromiller

    The toasty guy is from the mortal kombat video game series.

  • IPhone User

    The heat distribution among phones is not equal because the fire is juz on the sides that’s maybe the reason why HTC phone got toasted last

  • Anonymous

    lmao windows phone 7 took forever because it wasn’t thawed out first….it was still frozen in a time when ppl still gave a sh*t :P…..on a positive note, the iphone 4 is the ONLY one to display a temperature warning before going dead….didnt know they thought of that :P….quite smart if u ask me. “warning your phone WILL blow up soon, place it in a cooled area” lmao.

  • Anonymous

    wow what a waste
    i dont even have an iphone 4 yet
    how about giving one to me instead of burning it