Should George Clooney or Noah Wyle Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Biopic?


According to UK-based NOW Magazine, the job to play Steve Jobs in a biopic has turned into a showdown between former ER co-stars George Clooney and Noah Wyle. The movie is set to start filming in 2012 and will document the life of the late Apple CEO.

Noah Wyle previously portrayed Steve Jobs in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, where he did an excellent job of playing the role of the Apple co-founder. At Macworld in 1999, shortly after the release of the movie, the ER actor came up on stage to imitate Steve Jobs–only to have the real Steve Jobs show up and say “…that’s not me at all. You’re blowing it.” Video below:

My vote is for Noah Wyle. George Clooney is one dimensional in his roles–he’ll always be George Clooney from ER. Who’s your pick? George or Noah?

[via TNW, Sun]


  • Jhowson420

    He did an amazing job the first time

  • Anonymous

    Send both those clowns back. I’m sure they could find someone better.

  • Anonymous

    My pick would be to wait 20 years.

    I found ridiculous that we have a movie for Steve 2 years after his death. wth.

  • Noah all the way!!! He was awesome and looks like young Steve anyway!

  • Julie

    Definitely Noah!!! I can’t imagine anyone else but him portraying Steve (again).

  • Kfav1

    Noah Wyle should play Steve Jobs in any movie ! ! !

  • ER_Fan

    Dr John Carter aka Noah Wylie. I think he’d look better in a black turtleneck. I love Dr Doug Ross aka George Clooney, but the role isn’t for him, 

  • Kraken

    George Clooney as Steve Jobs?  WTF?  George looks NOTHING like Steve, don’t even know why they would even consider him.  Noah on the other hand at least looks similar to the 90’s version of Steve.

  • Kraken

    Correction, 80’s.

  • holly

    Of the two, I would want Noah, George doesn’t look anything like Steve. I suppose it’s unlikely they’ll find an unknown actor for the roll, though, they’ll probably want some kind of name to play Steve.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a write-in nomination – as a fellow talented sociopath, how about Charlie Sheen?