Check Out This Awesome List of Siri Commands for iOS and macOS


An unofficial ‘Hey Siri’ website accessible at has put up a huge list of Siri commands for iOS or macOS (beta), neatly organized in categories in English and German languages (via 9to5Mac).

Siri commands

There are nearly 500 Siri commands on the website with more than a thousand variations, broken down into 35 categories such as HomeKit, People & Relationship, Books, Definitions & Search, Notifications, Time and Music.

Since Apple continuously adds new features and capabilities to the voice assistant, the list is sure to entertain you with quite a few things you didn’t know Siri could do. And with Siri coming to Mac starting with macOS Sierra, the list is now even more useful than ever.

Which Siri commands do you use most often?


  • Nick

    Some of the ones I tried didn’t work, like turn on night shift makes it say it can’t do it but I can open settings, or create a list grocery makes it say ok what should I call this list

  • johnnygoodface

    Deutch and English only… Snif
    I would have loved it in French

  • Sara

    I wish “Play Podcasts” actually worked. Siri always tells me that I have “no unplayed podcasts” when I do.