“Hey Siri” in iOS 8: New Voice Activation in Standby While Connected to Power [VIDEO]


Apple announced a new “Hey Siri” feature coming in iOS 8 but didn’t get to share details about it at its WWDC 2014 keynote. Essentially, the feature now allows Siri to be activated when your device is connected to a power source (for example when plugged in while in the car), bringing true ‘hands-free Siri’ capabilities.

In Settings > General > Siri, there’s a new toggle for Voice Activation that reads:

When connected to power, start talking to Siri without pressing the home button by saying “Hey Siri”.


So with your iPhone or iPad screen off, all you need to do is say “Hey Siri” and the voice activation will kick in. Check out the demo below:

For those with Bluetooth connectivity in your car, new Siri Voice Activation will make it much safer to use your iPhone while driving (well, you should never be using a cellphone while driving), providing similar CarPlay-like capabilities.

Other new Siri features in iOS 8 include the ability to search the App Store and iTunes for specific apps and songs.


  • Ekhlasur Rahman

    How is this supposed to work in a typical iDevice household? Our bedroom will have 4 iDevices (2 iPhones, 2 iPads) all plugged in and all listening for “Hey Siri”.

  • Lol I never thought of that. Whisper closely with love to the device you want to use?

  • ?suttonmontreal

    ja ja thats funny. you’ll have a concert of Siri voices if you say “Hey Siri, sing a song”

  • Jacob Tran

    hahahah really cool thought

  • iFone


  • artikas

    Gary, not sure if you got your hand on iOS8 but do you know if “hey siri” works from the lock screen?

  • Works from everywhere as long as you are plugged in. Yes

  • hub2

    A Morphie juice pack or similar portable power would also count as “connected to power”, wouldn’t it? Or do portable packs deliver power at a rate (or is there something built into Lightning protocols) that iOS can tell isn’t from a wall outlet or full USB?

  • I would think so. As long as the battery is being charged, it should work.

  • That’s strange. I haven’t been able to get it to respond from the lock screen.

  • Thomas Yoon

    Maybe he has a family or roommates. Not everyone lives alone. :3

  • Ekhlasur Rahman

    …asked the virgin living in his mom’s basement.