Skyfire Flash Video-Enabled iPhone Browser Coming Thursday


The one thing that iPhone users have learned to live without is Adobe’s Flash plugin for video. You can still run Flash on your iPhone through the previous articles we’ve written about such as the CloudBrowse app and Frash. HTML5 is quickly becoming a web standard as an alternative to Flash.

This Thursday, Skyfire’s much anticipated Flash video-enabled iPhone browser will be coming to the App Store for $2.99. How does Skyfire work? According to their website:

Adherence to Apple’s Policies
Skyfire for iPhone was built in accordance with Apple guidelines, including the use of a WebKit browser core shared with Safari, and h.264 adaptive streaming.

Skyfire enables Flash on Apple devices by transcoding video content into HTML5 on the fly from millions of web sites; itsupports iOS devices via Apple’s HTTP live streaming. Skyfire’s famed cloud-computing technology also adapts video content based on connection strength, giving the user the best video experience that will play smoothly given their wireless network conditions at the time.

A very interesting work around to get Flash on the iPhone. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will jump on this for $2.99, as the cost of entry is “steep”. I would’ve liked to see this get introduced for $0.99 and go for a larger volume of sales. The app does look promising based on the video demo below:

Check out the video demo below:

Will you be purchasing SkyFire this week? Do you need Flash that desperately on your iPhone?



  • rufi

    I will probably buy it because it is cheap considering it is the only thing that would make me think about jailbreaking the phone – e.g. flash support (I have an unlocked one).

  • Randy Glenn

    What is wrong with people that a $3 piece of software is considered “steep” pricing? People spend that and more on coffee without thinking.

    The price floor for paid apps in the app store should be closer to $5. As it stands, if your app won’t be a smash hit, what’s the point in writing it for 70 cents a sale?

  • suckaaaaa!!

    Ya seriously! Stop being so cheap guys, this app will change your lives foreverrrrrrrrr!!

  • To start at a $3 pricepoint, they are already missing a huge segment of iOS buyers. A $0.99 model has shown that it will result in greater success and profits. Just take a look at the Top 10 paid apps. I’m saying they’ll be more successful at 99 cents vs $3.

  • Walker Jrcw

    The problem is that we, as iPhone users have to pay $3.00, yet skyfire is free on android, sybian and windows. Yes I will probably buy it but not until after I test it out via other means. I’m not dishing out $3 for an app that might suck as bad as cloud browse or frash.
    It would have been nice to see skyfire free or even .99. I guess being iPhone owners we will always get screwed somehow.

  • roadcarver

    So when a hyperlink is tapped, will skyfire be launched instead of Safari?

  • Slammed Civic

    i thought id never be able to watch flash on my iphone i was close to buying android!

  • I wonder if this app is the cause of his battery being around 25%
    *laughs as i stir the pot* lol

  • Calgary

    Considering Skyfire is FREE on other platforms it’s a Fail that they are going to charge iPhone users

  • Vazandrew

    I hardly use flash. The battery will likely suffer if you use this app

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