Sony Mobile Chief: Apple is “Missing Out” With Yearly iPhone Refreshes


In an interview with The Inquirer in Barcelona, Sony’s mobile chief Pierre Perron (and president of NW Europe), said Apple’s annual iPhone refreshes are leaving customers behind with respect to technologies they could be potentially buying. Perron gave an example by referencing the growing usage of 4G networks in the UK:

“We definitely don’t want to miss out because the consumer is now getting access to 4G subscriptions more and more.”


“In the UK particularly, those consumers have now got subscriptions that give them better experiences and we need to make sure that we answer to them, so Apple’s probably missing out at least this.”

The mobile chief also mentioned how the newly announced Xperia Z2 smartphone has 4K video recording capabilities, which wasn’t available before on the older generation Z1, released just five months prior.

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Perron defended Sony’s decision to release a successor to the Z1 so quickly by saying it brings customers “the best technology on the best platform” and allows the company “to make sure our consumers aren’t disappointed in any way”.

Sony marketshare IDC

In other news, Sony’s worldwide smartphone marketshare sits at a mere 3.8% according to recent IDC estimates. Meanwhile in China, research firm Canalys pegs Sony’s marketshare at just 0.5%. The majority of Sony’s smartphone sales have occurred in Japan and Europe, meanwhile in the USA only one carrier sells its smartphones.

Nowadays, smartphone technology has reached a plateau compared to years back. It’s no longer necessary to upgrade every year unless you’re a crazy, rabid, foaming-from-the-mouth cellphone addict with money to burn.

Should Sony talk in this case? Would you want to see more frequent smartphone updates or is the annual cycle ‘good enough’?


  • iFone

    And that’s why you sit at 3.8% marketshare

  • hehe

  • FragilityG4

    Again 4K is stupid. End of argument.

  • artikas

    I don’t think it’s fair to call 4K stupid. It’s cool and the colors look great BUT it’s new technology and as usual new tech comes at a price. It was the same with DVD vs blue ray, it just wast cost effective at the start, not stupid. It will drop in price and replace 1080p at the same cost as HD TVs

  • FragilityG4

    It’s not the price it’s the science. From 10 feet away (typical viewing) the human eye can not see the difference in pixels from 1080p to 4K.

  • artikas

    Don’t mean to sound like the guy who disagrees with everything but I do have to also disagree with that comment. My living room space is big enough in size is big enough to support a tv to up about 100 inches. When I went to choose a tv I looked for 1080p 84 inch tvs but ended up settling for a 65″ do to the fact that the 84″ 1080p wasn’t crisp enough. 4k would have done it but it was just not worth the price now at triple the cost.

  • sfsfs

    4K is stupid for now IMO too. The file sizes will be huge and who the hell cares about the level of res on a smartphone camera above 1080p. Anyone who knows anything about photo/video knows that cameraphone footage will be of a OK, but not excellent quality regardless of the sensor/tech. This is a physical fact. Smaller sensor=less light. Smaller lenses=less zoom. If you are getting footage to show on a 4K display, get a DSLR, end of story.

    PS: I’m not saying phones shouldn’t continue to improve their cameras. I love getting better and better quality out of my phone pics/videos, since that’s often what’s around. But, I also know a $100 point and shoot will probably give me much better quality and any DSLR will blow my phone camera out of the park.

    TL;DR 4k=Dumb on smartphone for now.

  • Al

    “It’s no longer necessary to upgrade every year unless you’re a crazy,
    rabid, foaming-from-the-mouth cellphone addict with money to burn.”

    lol… Best statement EVER.

  • JMCD23

    Correct. at 10ft you can tell the difference if the size is big enough. But generally speaking, at 10ft and 40″, it is going to make 0 difference. In fact, even 720p and 1080p at that distance are about the same.

  • Chrome262

    shut up!!! working on the foaming issue, I swear.

  • Chrome262

    isn’t semi annual releasing like this, just leading to more Android fragmentation?

  • artikas

    fully agree with what you say. There is defiantly overkill (i.e. cellphone, 40″ TV @ 10 feet…) but there is also good use for 4K specially when it comes to large screens. but I’m sure over time its going to become a standard selling feature on anything that has a screen.

  • kkritsilas

    Obviously, this person has it all figured out. I mean, lets face it, Apple only sold 53 Million iPhones last quarter, what the hell do they know? Also, as all knowing as this person is, he must have a different type of 4G technology in mind, seeing as how the iPhone 5 (now over a year and a half old) already has LTE built in, as do the 5S and 5C.

    Lets face it, Apple has it all wrong, they only have 4+X the market penetration of Sony, and are turning vast amounts of profit from the iPhone. The fact that Apple’s iPhone business alone is bigger than all of Sony has nothing to do with anything, Apple is just doing it all wrong.

    Seriously, Android needs to get more consistent and stable. People like this clown not withstanding, the marketshare battle is not about technology. Pretty much any smartphone will work fine for most people, its how easy and intuitive to use that makes the difference.


  • Bill

    I like my phone to last for 2 years. I’ve owned the iphone 3g, the 4, the 5 & I plan to get the 6. I don’t need a dozen phones released throughout the year as the tech gets slightly better. I’m not gonna upgrade at every advancement. 4k will come eventually and hopefully TV’s will be cheaper by then. Until then I’m perfectly fine with 1080p.

  • Just Me

    Yeah, but how many times have you read where so called “experts” on digital photography compare and praise the smartphone camera against a Point and Shoot or even DSLR? You have to wonder who’s getting paid and how much for writing rubbish like that.