Spigen’s Apple Watch Cases Look to Protect your New Smartwatch [PICS]


Spigen is well-known for making iPhone cases but they are ready to jump into the Apple Watch market with a line of thin and rugged cases for the highly anticipated wearable.

The Rugged Armor case for the 42mm Apple Watch is available in black or white and features the company’s Air Cushion Technology to protect your watch from shocks. If you’re wearing Apple Watch in an environment that could possibly scratch or damage your device, these might be a solution but they do look bulky. It’s available for pre-order from for $13.99.

Spigen rugged armor

The Spigen ‘Thin Fit’ is available in Champagne Gold, Satin Silver, Smooth Black and Smooth White, made from ‘premium polycarbonate’ and looks to be a slim solution to maintain the sleekness of your watch. It’s priced at $13.99 and is available for pre-order from as well.

Spigen gold apple watch

The Spigen Liquid Air case comes in 42mm and 38mm sizes (both $13.99), which the company says is the “most thinnest and lightweight case in the market”, with a form fitting enclosure.

Spigen apple watch clear case

While I can’t see myself ever getting a case for the Apple Watch, there probably are some people out there that may have a need for these.

Apple Watch pre-orders go live on Friday, April 10 ‘after’ 12:01AM PDT (3:01AM EDT), while the launch is set for April 24, which also includes Canada. Check out the Canadian Apple Watch price matrix here.


  • Chris

    Swatch Guard Too anybody remember those?

  • Keita123

    …thing is not even out yet

  • Zeke

    An Apple Watch case? Just when I thought the Apple Watch couldnt get anymore geeky, a case shows up. God I wish Steve was still around. I would have loved to know what he thought of the Apple Watch.

  • Sushishark

    Does a goddamn watch need a case? Do people put cases on their rolexes? This is getting ridiculous, people.

  • mikezmac


  • mikezmac

    Oh ye, the rubber bands

  • CanucksGoals

    For most Apple fan boys, this will be their first “luxury” watches (although it will cost like half the price next year or two), so it makes sense for them to buy cases. 😛

  • YeahRight

    That’s right! You always had a watch protector around your $12,000 Rolex! 🙂

    Oops… I apologize… I didn’t read the comments below. That one was too obvious, wasn’t it?


  • YeahRight

    Except that it’s not a watch. It’s a 50 cents printed circuit board, $25 worth of chips and a $1.70 LiIon battery encased in $7.50 worth of electronics packaging.

  • kabsalsa

    The thought of protecting the watch hadn’t crossed my mind but the ability to change how the watch looks might be interesting.

  • It’s Me

    Compared to the Moto360 being the first luxury watch for Android fan boys?

    Given the demographic breakdowns between iOS and others, it’s more likely the Apple fanboys have luxury watches already. Well, and jobs 😉

    (since you wanted to start with stupid religious nonsense)

  • ????Dennis

    I’m not a fan at all of the Apple watch, but I do think that black protector makes the watch look a lot better. Pretty sad that it does, lol.

  • Janet Jones

    Great, Go make one!

  • Janet Jones

    The Moto360 is beautiful. Too bad its a fat tank

  • CanucksGoals

    I am always into automatic watches so these smart watches are not on my shopping list. To be fair, Moto360 is half the price of a rubber band Apple watch. OS experience might be different but we can’t confirm yet.

    I won’t comment on more likely Apple fanboys have jobs or not when I saw the people that were lining up for iPhones. 🙂

  • YeahRight

    I couldn’t sell it, even if I made one. The value is in the brand name and I don’t have that. You need to understand that most of the value in the electronics industry is in the brand. I used to work for a small company that made product similar to HP (the original HP, which is now Agilent). Theirs were selling at half the price of HP’s despite delivering the same performance. Why? Because HP had the brand name. Everybody in the industry accepted that as a given.

  • Keita123

    Headline grabber

  • OliChabot

    I think the transparent one looks just fine. I am not a fan of putting a case on my watch but hey, it’s a 500$ and more watch that can get flaws really fast if you are not careful. The stainless steel may be OK, but since I plan on buying the aluminium one, I am not sure how well it is going to resist cuffs and scratches…

  • gerry

    The watch will be twice as big as originally with no case on.

  • i would consider wearing one of these cases to work; as i work in a warehouse and it would keep it some what protected

  • I can only see this useful in work sites, or extreme conditions.

  • Yeah this is probably the market Spigen is targeting, users that will be in environments where the watch could get scratched or damaged.

  • djepsilon

    One of these cases might actually be useful for me. It would be nice to wear my Apple watch when I play hockey to track my fitness stats. Wonder if they are rugged enough to protect it from a slash or puck to the wrist?

  • Nilay

    Brand is important but brand itself is not enough to win the market. Don’t you think that Microsoft is not big brand. Everybody will call us fool if we tell them this 10 yrs ago. but world has changed and it has always been like that nobody is there for whole life. things come and things go, Brands come and they go. Brand definitely give assurance but not all brand provide Innovation as Apple. We have to agree on the fact that nobody in this field put so much efforts in to designing their products. Why we haven’t seen such product like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook Air, Apple watch before their launch…They were benchmark..If I have $20000 to spend on watch, I would definitely buy Apple watch before Rolex.

  • YeahRight

    I gave you the inside view. Please build a smart watch and see what happens for yourself. Oh, wait… they are lying around in the stores, already, even with brand names like Samsung. Apple is the last brand shot at the product. If they can’t make it, nobody can. 🙂