Steve Jobs via Email: “We Don’t Track Anyone”


Here’s another ‘Steve-mail’ to brighten up your Easter Monday. With the whole iPhone location tracking fiasco, we haven’t heard a response from Apple–until possibly now?

A MacRumors reader has apparently received the following response from Steve Jobs via email (the email hasn’t been proven to be authentic or not):

Q: Steve,
Could you please explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in my iPhone? It’s kind of unnerving knowing that my exact location is being recorded at all times. Maybe you could shed some light on this for me before I switch to a Droid. They don’t track me.

A: Oh yes they do. We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false. Sent from my iPhone

Android users are also being tracked too. However, the difference is data is only stored short term, and previous locations are overwritten as new ones come in.

The tracking of our location that’s being stored in an unencrypted file is apparently a bug. The Cydia tweak Untrackerd was released 24 hours later to address this for jailbroken iPhone users. To secure your device and computer, just encrypt your iTunes backups.

Will Apple release a public statement over this issue? I think so. Expect a coordinated response soon.



  • Steve Lam

    who gives a crap. the info isn’t even sent to apple at all. how many people actually clear their browser cache on a routine basis? how many use anonymous proxies while surfing the internet? how many delete their history on their actual gps devices regularly? its just a bunch of android/etc fanatics trying to find ways to bring apple down. its funny how gmail reads every single one of your emails in order to display an appropriate ad based on its content and no one gives a crap about that anymore either.

  • Anonymous

    the people that worry over this fiasco are tech-blonde morons. they don’t realize that this info DOES NOT get sent to apple. they simply think “if my friends and some website say its true, then it is true!”.
    same goes for the iPhone 4 reception issue, where no one realized it affected a tiny portion of users.

  • Drocass

    “shed some light on this for me before i switch to droid” Is it me of is that like the most common threat of the year?
    all the kids are saying that when they dont get what they want from apple.

    Also thinking Droid doesn’t track you? when you enable Location on the droid it even gives you a popup saying that it uses apps like maps to determine your location, this may occur even when no apps are running. lol they basically openly admit they are tracking your location :S

    Privacy is a thing of the past, I think most of us can agree with that, but this kid clearly didnt know what he was talking about lol

  • Fragilityg4

    People are worried about this yet they enable google places and facebook check ins … Yawn …

  • Calgary

    i thought it said, we dont track anyMORE lol!

    there is so much false info on the internet, people are gullible (correction, very gullible)

  • Guest

    He means: we don t track everyone, but we do track some…

  • Salvadorp

    I don’t care about the tracking data on my iphone, since no one has access to it. People with jailbroken iphones should care about, because on their phones there is no protection or access restriction to the folder where the file is located. Even worse, people running the new apps created to “remove” the tracking data, are openin the door to get that data sent to the “developers” of those apps before the file gets removed, because on jailbroken phones “NO ONE” validates and ensure the good intentions of developers.

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