Subway ‘MyWay’ Rewards Program Launches in Canada This March


Subway is set to launch a new loyalty program in Canada next month, called MyWay Rewards, which will also debut in the U.S. as well, at a total estimated 28,500 restaurants.

Subway logo

Customers will be able to register for the new program via, at restaurants or with the Subway mobile app. Rewards can be earned when customers pay with cash, Subway Card, Subway app or credit.

Subway MyWay Rewards will offer four tokens for every dollar spent and once 200 tokens have been reached ($50 worth of spending), a $2.00 reward will be granted. So that works out a $2 discount on $50 spent, or 4% off.

Tokens can be redeemed for any menu item, such as sandwiches, salads, cookies, drinks and more. Subway says there will be bonus token earning opportunities (which sounds like how Starbucks offers bonus stars periodically).

The company says “The more guests order, the more surprises they get, like free cookies, chips and more,” while members will also get a surprise birthday reward, too.

“We know time and money are important to our guests,” said Subway Chief Digital Officer Carissa Ganelli, in a press release. “It’s important to us that we deliver a seamless, convenient experience to help our customers get what they want when they want it – and what they want is our delicious, nutritious, and affordable food.”

The Subway MyWay Rewards program will launch at Canadian locations in March, with a debut in Quebec “following in late 2018”.

Last year, Subway started to test new mobile order kiosks at locations in Quebec, which supported tab payments including Apple Pay.


  • swotam

    To be honest, getting $2 off every time I spend $50 isn’t going to give me any incentive to visit Subway more often than I do (which is rarely). I guess if you eat there a lot it’s better than nothing, but it seems like a pretty stingy program if you ask me.

  • Many99

    They should get their mobile ordering app into Canada as well

  • chickeee

    Subway has better discounts in junk mail coupons

  • Tony

    Please add to wallet option. Easy mobile ordering. 3D touch, Siri, iMessage gift card support and obviously direct Apple Pay instead of Tim Horton weird gift card style on their app. A widget would be nice too ???

  • Tim

    Subway is way over priced for the quality of the product. A footlong and a beverage is often $13 or more after tax. I also find they’re stingy with the toppings in a lot of cases and if you happen to walk in when one person is working, you’ll wait while they prepare food for any person behind you who might arrive during mid preparation so the employee doesn’t have to take off their gloves to process just one transaction. I’ve avoided it for nearly a year now.