Tim Hortons Mobile Order and Pay App Download Now Available, with Apple Pay Support


You can now skip the lines at Tim Hortons locations, as the company has launched their mobile order and pay app, which has been in testing since the spring, while store employees have been training with the mobile order and pay process over the past few weeks.

As expected, the new Tim Hortons iPhone app has launched in the App Store, which says you can now “Select and customize your favorite food and drinks, choose your preferred Tim Hortons location, and pay from the app. It’s now that easy to order your favorite Tim Hortons items from your phone.”

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The app offers a personalized menu, showing your recent orders, while it will also have special offers time to time. Users will be able to scan and pay with the app at stores, while they can also choose their pick-up method for in-store, dine-in or drive thru.

The app will also allow you to transfer your funds from the old TimmyMe funds to this new Tim Hortons app “seamlessly”.

Stores will have a new “Mobile Pickup” signage at counters to inform customers where to get their mobile orders:

Tim hortons mobile order and pay

Image via @RtoodaB

Upon opening the Tim Hortons app for the first time, it will ask for permission to use your location, plus while the app is open, which is required for mobile orders to be made efficiently based on your location to a store.

To place a mobile order, you’ll need to login, either via Facebook, Google or with an email. You will then be able to set your ‘name’ for orders, then it will ask you to choose your local store, which will be shown on a map plus include a picture of the store front.

At the checkout screen, it will summarize your store address, items ordered, plus show how much it will deduct from your balance. Plus–it’s supports Apple Pay for in-app payments!

We’re also told the app is working in Quebec as well.

Click here to download the new Tim Hortons iPhone app in the App Store—let us know how the mobile order and pay system works for you (and how it compares to the Starbucks mobile orders).


  • Many99

    It’s missing one thing that Starbucks has which is sending Tim Hortons gift cards through imessage which I have used several times with Starbucks app, later today I will use the mobile order

  • Yeah that is a cool feature for sure. The Starbucks iOS app didn’t have that at launch, let’s hope Tim Hortons will add it later too.

    So far, the app is pretty polished for its 1.0 release.

  • xeronine992

    Too little too late. I refuse to support 3G Capital or any of their brands. I only wish McDonald’s would offer something similar, seeing as they already have the order kiosks in every location I’ve been to.

  • Many99

    McDonald’s is coming out with this as well, it’s most likely coming around late September from what I have read

  • john

    How do you pay for your order when you order at the cashier?

    I don’t have the option to scan to pay.

  • Kirk

    Interesting! Totally testing this out. Guess they said bye bye to the old app and didn’t just send out an update

  • If you have a Gift Card connected to your app (or you added a Credit Card and purchased a fresh gift card via the app), the “Scan to Pay” option will pop up on the Menu Screen.

  • Gerry Lee

    I tried it at my location lol. Was given the weird look why I was handed a box of timbits.

  • Michael K

    It’s ironic that Starbucks still hasn’t figured this out in the Québec market.

  • David

    Used this at the Ropewalk Lane location in St. John’s this morning. The ladies behind the counter were happy to see me and we cheering “Yay, David” – I believe I was their first mobile order. They told me they were worried I’d go to the wrong location. I asked how long they’ve been testing it in the store, they said 2 months.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Serious question…Why do you refuse to support 3G Capital?

  • Yes, it’s actually extremely polished — there are a lot of nice, little, thoughtful touches in there, such as a link to open Mail when waiting for your verification code, and actual photos of the Tim Hortons locations on the map view.

  • Agreed. We rarely visit the local Timmies as there’s always a line up out the door…this will make it much faster. Going to try today, can’t wait to see expressions on people’s faces as I bypass the line lol

  • Matt

    Used this today and it was great. The drive thru lineup stretched out of the parking lot and the line inside was right to the door but I just sailed past everyone and grabbed my Iced Capp that was waiting for me at the counter. This is going to save me so much time in the mornings.

  • While the app is great, I’m a little bit disappointed that Apple Pay still just reloads the intermediate “Tim’s Card” account, rather than letting you make the payment directly. I can sort of understand why they’re doing this, but it’s still a bit of a nuisance compared just paying directly through Apple Pay.

    It’s still a little more seamless than the Starbucks app in the way it lets you do it all in one fell swoop.

  • Yes, just charge us the exact amount and not card reloads!

  • Just tried a mobile order from our local store. Bypassed a similar line that was out the door. People were looking all confused as to how I just walked in and out haha

  • This also makes me even more disappointed that Interac still hasn’t gotten with the program for in-app payments — Interac promised it would be arriving “in the coming months” well over a year ago….

  • Chrome262

    Love this at Other places. Do like the kiosks at McDonalds as well so you can order faster as well

  • Bill___A

    I just tried to use it to order and their app wasn’t in sync with the inventory… pretty much needs to be cleaned up and working better before it is ready for prime time. At least the balance updated properly when I paid with it, which is something the old app had a lot of trouble doing. Hopefully they will get the kinks out because I see in the other remarks that people were having some success with it. My experience was disappointing.

  • makeittalk

    Exactly. Tried this App today and got to the “load” part and backed out. Not interested in a “card reload”. Just want to pay as I go.

  • Cornfed710

    Why would you want to use interac? Credit card rewards are much better.

  • Sure, if I had a credit card that was supported by Apple Pay 🙂

    As it stands, the only other card I have that can be used by Apple Pay for in-app purchases is my U.S. VISA Debit card. Of course, since Apple Pay just reloads the in-app “Tim’s Card” anyway, it’s really not as much of an advantage as I hoped it would be — I can just as easily reload from a credit card directly without bothering with Apple Pay.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Absolutely..just use credit card and then post payment to that credit card account online from your banking app. Accumulate rewards and you have no obscene interest carrying costs on the credit card account.

  • Cornfed710

    You can load any credit card to the app I believe, I definitely could be wrong though.

  • Yeah, that’s kind of my point above when I said “without bothering with Apple Pay.”

    I’d originally hoped that Apple Pay would make a direct payment without having to do the intermediate card reload, but it doesn’t, so there’s really no major advantage to it. If I’m going to have to put at least $10 on a Tim’s Card just to buy a coffee, I’m not going to be using Apple Pay all that often anyway.

    Granted, even if that feature was available, I suppose they could do it with credit cards as well, but it’s been my experience that many apps make you jump through additional authentication hoops to do that — even the Apple Store app only added Touch ID support last week for making credit card purchases online.

  • Mr Fredericston

    They want your date of birth to register … probably in violation of the Privacy Act … no thanks!

  • Just enter in an ‘alternative fact’ birthday!

  • Cornfed710

    Ok but you can still use any credit card, always better than interac. I really don’t mind loading, of course direct payment would be better.

  • mh

    Also, I can’t stand having three $1.90’s appear on my credit card statement every day (three coffee’s a day, is that a lot). Having it hit my Tim’s Card with the auto reload set at $50 works well.

  • Kris

    really? what’s wrong with $1.90 showing up three times every day for three coffees, I think it is better and gives you fine grained control of your expenses…

  • Chrome262

    ugg no croissant option with the breakfast sandwich????? delete…lol

  • Andre

    Used it today for the first. Nice app. All they need to do now is to figure out how to put the order # and the pay bar code on the Apple Watch…….

  • toysandme

    As with Facebook you should never use your real date of birth. Just pick one you can remember.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Does it have real time inventory levels? My local Tim Horton’s always seem to be out of half the things they sell. Could see this getting really annoying really fast.

  • Marty Hammond

    Does the new App work with wallet?

  • Sadly, no 🙁