‘iPod Father’ Tony Fadell Takes Over Google Glass, Despite Planned Second Version


Google has stopped sales of its current Google Glass project, with management of the smart glasses now being handed over to former Apple executive Tony Fadell, known as the “father” of the iPod.

Google Glass was available in limited quantities for $1,500 and wearers—dubbed “glassholes”— were frequently mocked, as some saw the device as a threat to public privacy.

The Financial Times reports sources familiar with the matter say a second version was in the works, despite the troubled first launch edition, which was seen as a trial by the company:

One person familiar with Google’s decision insisted, however, that the company was not backing away from the troubled project, but was pushing ahead with a second version of Glass.

The first version had been limited to a so-called “Explorer edition” that was intended as a trial and had achieved its goal of helping the company understand the technology better, this person said.

The BBC reports Ivy Ross, the head of Glass at Google X will now report to Fadell, who’s company Nest was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion a year ago.

It’ll be interesting to see where Fadell takes this wearable idea next, but right now all eyes are on the Apple Watch, set to debut this year. I’d hate to be an early adopter here, paying $1,500 for a device that will no longer be supported.


  • Jay

    If they ever succeed in doing the original google glass concept, Ill buy one immediately.
    I want a full perspective overlay HUD.
    I do NOT want a tiny watch sized screen taped to the corner of some glasses.

  • Tim

    If they made them look more like regular glasses there would be less backlash. The way they are perceived is the same as if someone was pointing a camera in your face.