Here are Top 9 iOS 9 Features on iPhone and iPad [VIDEOS]


Apple announced some refinements and improvements to iOS 9 today for iPhone and iPad. As iOS 9 beta is already out for developers, some have started to dig in and get hands-on with what’s new, like YouTube channels EverythingApplePro and TechSmartt, which have quickly posted their experiences online.

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Below are a couple videos the channels have featured highlighting the Top 9 iOS 9 features users can expect. Check it out below:

As with any iOS beta, the builds are buggy. iOS 9 causes pairing difficulties with Apple Watch and requires some to re-pair the smartwatch and setup as new.


  • loaded this on my iphone 5S so far 34min standbay since full charge and 31 min use battery was plugged in whole time since install so took off at 100% well now at 79% so 21% per 30min is not the promised increased they announced, while i know this is not only the beta but the first beta. i would have expected this to be a lot better right off the bat.

  • biggy1000

    That was your mistake. Maybe wait a few months and try again.