Toyota: “No Plans” to Adopt Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto



Although Bloomberg talks about the Apple Car as a literal fact — we are going to see an iCar by 2020, they tell us — other elements, such as the immediate plans for the car’s dashboard, are much more credible. While we cannot exclude the possibility of a team working on that “Titan” project (as the WSJ has learned), the reality for 2015 is that Apple wants to bring the iOS experience into your car, and it has a handful of partners to help it succeed. Toyota, on the other hand, doesn’t want to sacrifice its cars’ dashboard.

Formerly iOS in the Car, CarPay was officially introduced last May at the Geneva Motor Show. Apple has a long list of car manufacturers who will integrate CarPlay in their forthcoming car. Ford, for example, plans to make it available on all its cars sold in the US, according to the New York Times.

Tech companies like Apple and Google (Android Auto), have now succeeded where the car manufacturers failed: voice recognition. That’s how the tech companies aim to keep the driver’s eyes on the road and, to make sure the voice recognition system is integrated correctly, Apple (and Google) have provided specifications to car manufacturers.

Everything comes at a price though: to allow innovative technologies into their final product, they needed to surrender their car’s dashboard to Apple (or Google). Toyota isn’t ready to make this move, stating, while the company has been in ongoing talks with both Google and Apple, it currently has no plans to adopt Android Auto or CarPlay in the United States.


  • Al

    It’s back and fourth with the announcements from this company. No they aren’t – yes they are – no they aren’t.

    Toyota also denounces electric cars and proclaim they will just continue with gas and hybrid. I like Toyota’s cars (on my 3rd one), but that will be it unless they drastically change their stance. My next car (in 2-4 years) will definitely be all electric and will support CarPlay or have an equally useful system.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Too bad as Toyota’s infotainment system is one of the worst.

  • aaloo

    never buying a toyota. My next car will either have car play built in. or I’ll get a base edition without their infotainment system and put a after market unit for under $1000. It just doesn’t make sense otherwise

  • speedracer99

    Own a Toyota and want CarPlay just buy a Pioneer Audio system that has CarPlay integrated. Simple Solution.

  • Kev

    Is CarPlay avaiable in any car in Canada yet?

  • John Smith

    One of the worst is the worst Toyota Canada is still stuck in the 90’s with BB