tvOS 10.1 Jailbreak is Expected to be Released Soon


According to a series of tweets from Kevin Bradley (@nitoTV), the highly-anticipated tvOS 10.1 jailbreak is expected to be released soon. Bradley suggested that users should downgrade or restore their Apple TV’s to tvOS 10.1 if you plan to jailbreak.

Although the jailbreak community has remained silent so far about the possibility of seeing a tvOS 10.1 jailbreak, nitoTV reportedly told iDownloadBlog that the yalu102 jailbreak from Luca Todesco should be adaptable to tvOS.

Apple recently updated the Apple TV to tvOS 10.1.1, so there may not be much time left to downgrade the firmware back to iOS 10.1. This is because Apple will more than likely stop signing tvOS 10.1 in the near future.

The last jailbreak we have seen for the Apple TV is when Pangu rolled out the tvOS 9.0 jailbreak last year.


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Or get an Apple TV2 – it’s jailbreakable and runs KODI

  • Billdozer

    Was not aware of this. Just downgraded, thanks for the heads up. Sideloading Kodi every 6 days is just not feasible. Crossing my fingers for a more permanent solution!

  • MrXax

    Why every 6 days?

  • Nigleet

    Last year Apple reduced the length of time a free provisioning profile allows for installation. Basically means that side loaded apps last only 7 days on a non-developer Apple ID.

  • Nigleet

    It has become rather obsolete at this point. It is not even capable of running 1080p. That may be okay for some, but a little behind for my eyes to accept. The apps and interface on the aTV4 are also miles ahead at this point.

  • Kodi runs on the Apple TV 4 just fine, without jailbreaking as well.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Yeah, if Apple look the other way and allow the jailbreak to exist as they have with the AppleTV 2, I would actually pick one up. But if they ruin the party like they keep doing with their phones and not let people downgrade, then I’ll hold off.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Yeah, but read what Bildozer & Nigleet wrote above – apparently you need to reinstall it every 6 days.

  • If you have a free account, yes that’s true. I have a paid developer ID. No ideal for most people of course.

    I have 2 other Android boxes with Kodi on them, but the Apple TV is by far the better of all the devices by leaps and bounds, especially since everything in my house is Apple, it all links.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Yeah, US$99/yr otherwise. I’ve got Kodi on a Nexus Player which I spend 90% of the time watching YouTube – love the microphone input on the remote. What do you like better on the new Apple TV?

    I hang on to my 3 old Apple TV2 devices because of the PhotoStream screensaver alone. Love how it automatically updates its slideshow with every photo my family takes on their iPhones – instantly. Great for parties. Does the new Apple TV still have that feature?

  • My entire house is Apple, and all my lights are Philips Hue with all sensors and switches. That being said, the reason I like the Apple TV 4 better is.

    I got access to my iCloud, so all pictures, Apple Music, AirPlay for sharing media and mirroring, voice commands to match. Full CEC on/off, able to turn my TV on and off with the Apple Remote, also the Apple Remote also supports IR so I’m also able to control my 5.1 sound system volume. The Apple Remote also has I microphone for voice commands such as shows I want to watch, turn living room lights to 50% and adjust all lights around the house with the Apple remote. The Apple remote literally controls the entire house, just like my phone can as it uses Siri. The Apple remote app for the iPhone to replace the Apple TV remote if you want.

    Taking all those deep integration, apply them to Kodi. When searching for shows on Kodi, just open search and say “Family Guy” and it pops up. I can ramble on and on about it. The Android boxes are good, but lack all these features without numerous 3rd party apps, and even then half the features are unobtainable or even enjoyable

  • definingsound

    Sigh… no coverage on this site of Yalu 102 jailbreak for 10.2… the site’s breadth of coverage seems to be expanding to cover battery powered cars and such, but might be losing touch with the original core focus?

  • We cover lots, and when we do cover jailbreak, people complain about it. When we don’t cover jailbreak in time, people complain about it. Don’t worry we’ll keep you up to date 🙂